We all need friends, yes?! I think so. And the only one to have a friend is to be one!

My 10 Tips on making new friends:

1. Get out of your shell. 

I struggled with this one for years. I hated talking to new people for two reasons.

1. What would they think of me?
2. What would I even say?
If being Christlike is what you're striving for, then none of these matter. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ want you to be disciples and it's not what will they think of you, it's how will they feel when they are noticed! And if you are in tune with the spirit, words will naturally come to you telling you exactly what to say. You can't fail!

2. Ask Questions 

Once you overcome the fear of talking to someone, the secret is to get to know them!
How do you do this, by asking TONS of questions. Everyone love talking about themselves and telling stories. Even if they are shy, they want someone to take interest in their life.

3. Go to church sponsored activities or join a new group

This one was hard for me, really hard. There will be moments at the very beginning where you will feel awkward and out of place, that's where you go find someone else who appears to be feeling the same way you do. Start there! Don't be afraid to talk to others and search for people you want to get to know better and develop a strong friendship with. This step changed my social life from zero to blessings pouring!!

4. Give tons of Compliments 

Be sincere in your compliments, but who doesn't love them. It's a GREAT way to break the ice. And just through a compliment you may just find out how much you have in common.

5. Build off the simple acquaintances you have already 

If there was someone you were friends with back in high school but haven't seen since, call her or send her a Facebook message

6. Write a letter to a potential friend telling her about all of her amazing qualities.

7. Create a study group with some potential friends.

8. Use Facebook
I hate what Facebook is turning into. A news outlet for all these dumb links. Remember when Facebook used to be cool? Remember when writing on someone's wall was a thing? Maybe I stand alone on this but I still write messages on people's walls.

9. Treat your potential friends as if they are already your best friend. A friendship

is sure to grow.

10. Never gossip or say anything bad about anyone. 
No one wants to hang out around others who say negative things.

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  1. this is an awesome post. thank you for your wonderful advice on how to make friends. I will for sure follow this advice too!


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