Monday, September 5, 2016

What I Thought Was My Disadvantage Turned Out To Be My Advantage

Sometimes our disadvantages are really our advantage. 

I've asked the questions so many times...the what if questions.

What if I had played sports in high school?
What if I had attended a University away from home instead?
What if my family had been more into health?
What if I had been born at a different time?
What if? What if? What if?

Oftentimes I have felt as if I was at a disadvantage; as if others were better off because of you name it. I've wondered what life would be like without so many weaknesses or if I were more like so and so. I've spent so much time wishing that my life were different than it was. I've wasted so many moments feeling as if I was at a disadvantage.

But what if what I thought was a disadvantage turned out to really be my advantage? Let me explain. Growing up I was so picky and my parents never forced me to try new fruits and veggies. I grew up in a comfort zone of macaroni and cheese and frozen dinners and for some reason, my parents were okay with that. I became undernourished to the point of malnourishment. I rarely ever had veggies, I'm talking like maybe two times a week tops. I never felt super amazing and I remember staying home from school a lot. I didn't make the connection that what I was eating was really affecting me mentally, socially, and physically. 

Even after high school, there were so many vegetables I hadn't ever given a try and what I called a healthy meal was whole grain noodles cover with cheese and broccli...and I would have that every single night for years. I was clueless to the damage I was causing my body. I was left to a disadvantage from the way I grew up, a disadvantage I knew nothing about. 

Well, time went on and I started subscribing to all the health magazines I could get my hands on. Studying about health intrigued me and I wanted to learn everything I could. I had symptoms I wanted to know how to treat and I then learned I had leaky gut which was causing acne, eczema, digestion issues, brain fog, ADD, and anxiety to the extreme. I wanted to learn how to treat it. I have never studied and been so passionate about health until I hit this wall and I wanted to find a way out.

It was my disadvantage to not knowing enough about health and seeing the first-hand effects of poor nutrition in myself and my own family that has made me this passionate about health. If I had grown up in a healthy family, yeah there is a chance I would have this passion, but it's so much more real and personal to me to say that I overcame an obstacle in my own life through my own research. Research that is allowing me the tools I need to pass it on and inspire and help other people to do the same. A passion for digging and pouring out my heart in the word of wisdom to understand it like I never have before. 

This research has lead to a personal health journey, the journey of Whole30. McKay and I are embarking on this epic journey starting today. A journey that will test our patience, our emotions, and even our wallets but what we hope will bless our lives forever. If you haven't heard of Whole30, you should look into it. But the gist of it is to eliminate certain food groups for 30 days and eat foods that are whole such as meat, fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. We hope to achieve better health, more energy, more mental stability, and allow our ab definition to shine through. No, we are not doing this for our appearance by any means, we want to learn to master the body; a great instrument Heavenly Father has given to us so we can be better equipped to use it in ways He would want us to, such as serving others. 

I don't plan for this to be easy, in fact, I am planning on there to be many obstacles and weaknesses that come up, but weaknesses are an opportunity to come unto Christ and lay it at his feet. I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me. My disadvantages are always turned into advantages when I give it to Christ. He makes weak things become strong and all things shall work together for my good.

I choose to take Christ on my journey to health, healing, and wholeness because I know I won't succeed without him. 

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