Monday, September 12, 2016

I Survived Week 1 of Whole 30

Well, I survived Week 1 of the whole 30. Whole 30 is an eating whole program for 30 days being very cautious of every single label. I'm not doing this program to lose weight, I am doing this program to take charge of my health and power over my life. A symptom isn't just a symptom; a headache isn't there just because, every single symptom we experience is a signal trying to tell us that something is out of order. Since I have been facing a lot of bloating for over a year and acne for over two years on top of a few other things like emotional distress, eczema, low circulation, etc. - I decided I was  ready to take power over my health before these minor symptoms turned into bigger problems down the road. Prevention is KEY in health.

I feel SO STRONGLY that Heavenly Father wants us to take care of our bodies, he's given us very specific instructions on how to feed them and stay healthy (see word of wisdom) and he wants us to be healthy if we are willing to care for them. He desires healing, health, and happiness in our lives and I'm so grateful I've found resources that give me power to take action.

So here's what week 1 has looked like for me:

Day 1: I did not feel like eating healthy or doing this program. I was so tempted to give up before even starting. It was a long day and I just wasn't in the mood to jump in and take on this challenge. Thank goodness McKay was doing it with me, he sure kept me motivated and disciplined. That's how I know Satan cares so much when we choose to take power over our physical health and eat healthy; from May until now I have been studying health and nutrition like nobody's business. I've spent so much time learning about the benefits of the food Heavenly Father has blessed us with, and I was SO excited about it; but when it came down to me really taking action to do something about it, all my motivation was lost. Satan truly desires to stop me, and that is so motivating for me to push harder.

Day 2: Overall it was a pretty good day but I had such a headache. I went to a kickboxing class that night and I couldn't give it my all because I didn't have all the energy I needed.

Day 3: I made McKay and I lunch and then we were about to head out to the store and I suddenly got so dizzy which turned into nausea. It lasted the rest of the day. I was weak and I couldn't really move. I hate feeling icky but I got excited when I googled to see if this was normal and boy was it ever. These icky feelings were coming from the bad toxins rising up and wanting to be released. My body had been storing these ugly guys for who knows how long. It was exciting to me that the pain meant I was healing.

Day 4: I felt so much better this day. I had a lot more energy and overall I seemed happy. My emotions did feel a little off, like I couldn't experience emotion as much as I wanted to but it wasn't too big of a deal.

Day 5: I started to feel a little bit nauseous again but nothing quite like day 3. By the end of the day I was just exhausted, all I wanted in life was to sleep, sleep, sleep.

Day 6: Emotionally I felt fine. I couldn't take normal medication for some pain I was experiencing which sure made things worse, but overall the day wasn't horrible.

Day 7: I was so happy, it was like I could think clearly while experiencing so much happiness. We made Sheperd's pie, it was good but I've been in the kitchen more this week than I have been in my life, I'm kind of over cooking right now haha.

I'm so grateful I've made it through seven days! Bring on the next week. 

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