Thursday, August 11, 2016

I'm So Grateful For YOU!!!

If you're reading this right now, THANK YOU! Thank you for being a part of my life.

Thank you for inspiring me to be more.
 Thank you for the example and influence you have left on my heart!
Thank you for cheering me on when I had dreams that I needed to grow into.
Thank you for believing in me.
Thank you for teaching me lessons my heart was in need of.
Thank you for being patient with me when I was full of weakness.
Thank you for serving me.
Thank you for being someone who has a story that I can be inspired by.
Thank you for simply knowing my name.
Thank you for having faith to come to earth.
Thank you for being unique and one of God's finest creations.
Thank you for being YOU! 

I've been thinking a lot about the hand prints we leave on the hearts of another and the role we each have to play in this life. There are approximately 7.4 billion people on this planet and yet God orchestrates it so that we meet the people that we need to. Whether we have the ability to make a difference in their life or they have a lesson or impact they need to make on ours, God is behind it all with so much love. How grateful I am for the people that I know and love.

There are a lot of things I am working on overcoming in my life right now. There are a lot of things that have held me back from allowing the light within me to shine like I know it can shine. There are a lot of things I wish I could take back or undo but my heart is overwhelmed by the atonement of Jesus Christ and the infinite amount of hope and possibility that can come from this precious gift. 

The heartbreaking thing about obstacles such as anxiety and depression is they make you selfish. They don't make you selfish by choice, but my second nature when your mind is in a state of unhappiness, your brain signals that you are in a fight or flight response and you need to do everything you can to defend yourself and protect your life. The brain has a way of misjudging what actually is reality at times and it can leave a negative outcome as a result. 

My heart and true nature has this desire to serve, to love, to spread joy, to be kind, to smile always, to be outgoing and talkative, to make friends instantly, to build others often, to never get offended, and to forgive instantly. 

My brain has a completely different way of handling things when it feels the burden of anxiety and sometimes deep sadness. When it feels attacked even though it is misjudgment or inaccurate observations I don't live up to what my heart and true nature longs for. 

I'm so very sorry if I've ever hurt you, if I forgot to smile, if I left you guessing if I noticed your presence. I'm so sorry if I've ever caused you pain, sorrow, feelings of being left out or offended. I'm so sorry if I was quiet and kept to myself when you needed someone to talk to, or if I have acted in a way that wasn't as Christ-like as I could have been.

The beauty of the atonement is the second chances it offers. Just because we don't get all the answers right on the first test doesn't mean we have failed, it means we have the opportunity to pay our way to retake it again. As much as this world hates birthdays, what a beautiful opportunity to have a fresh start, a clean slate to start to become who we long to be. The more we take Christ as our constant companion, the more we have his powers and bounteous love to help us overcome our obstacles, conquer our weaknesses, and replace those faults and pieces of coal with new light of beautiful Christ-like attributes.

Because of Christ, we are under no obligation to be the same person we were five minutes ago and I want to change. 

I'm so incredibly grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ. Every single day is a day to honor him because every single day is made possible through Him. He loves me. He knows me. He wants to bring me light. He has the greatest desires to help my pieces of coal turn into diamonds. He gives me hope and second chances more than I deserve. My Savior is my absolute best friend and I'm so grateful that through him no weakness or sin need ever be permanent. Ho grateful I am for his sacrifice that allows me to try and try again.

I've learned it's impossible to think too much about the Savior. The more I ponder of His love or His character, the stronger my own relationships become. The closer I am to my Savior, the closer I feel His love through every single individual in my life. It's His light that brightens my soul and reminds me to try again when I feel as if I have permanently failed. 

I will keep pressing forward with steadfastness in Christ until I become the girl God sees in me. I will keep turning to Christ as I strive to become better, kinder, more meek, and a little bit more like Him. 

If you're reading this! Thank you for being in my life either personally or by the intricate design Heavenly Father allowed you to come across this blog. I'm so blessed by people in my life. I promise you that you make a difference in my life. I have the deepest desire to share the good I see within you, to build you up, and to help you realize that you matter to me and to my best friend Jesus Christ. Here's to a brightness of hope and new beginnings. 

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