Friday, August 19, 2016

Give It All To Christ

This morning I was studying my little heart out on nutrition and health. I was trying so hard to self-diagnose and take every little matter into my own hands. The more information I read, the more opinions I contemplated over, the more ideas and possibilities I felt there could be. I became overwhelmed and exhausted very quickly, to the point that anxiety washed over me and I felt helpless and very frustrated.

"Why? Why? Why?" were the only words I could seem to think. Why do they believe that? Why am I believing that? Why the timing? Why the circumstance? I just wanted all the answers and to know what was truth and what wasn't. Why was I so confused on what to believe and what to do about it?

This sharp panic started to take over to the point where I had to choice but to pause and take a deep breath, and that's when it hit me. Why did it matter what was right and wrong at this moment? Why did I need all the answers? I didn't. I was trying to do every single thing on my own. I was trying to come up with all the answers to my problems and solve them all by my inadequate-queen-in-training self. The girl that has weaknesses for a purpose and I thought I could overcome every single one of them by reading enough and then following a plan. Yeah, there's definitely some good intentions and desires in that plan, but it's lacking. 

How on earth could I possibly do it on my own? I CAN'T! And really I don't want to. It's too anxiety causing, it's too overwhelming, and it's too impossible. Christ is the answer. I hadn't included him. I thought back to all the times I thought my life was ruined or that I would never recover. Every single time I felt I had to do it on my own and felt that weight, it was burdensome and I didn't end up winning. All of the times I allowed Christ to help me, to lift me, and to strengthen me; it all worked out.

The scripture doesn't say I can do all things on my own; it says "I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHICH STRENGTHENETH ME"! We need Christ, it's part of who we are and the way we are wired; to NEED Him. We shouldn't try and do it on our own. We weren't asked to and it is impossible to find hope without Christ, simply put He is the ONLY way. 

In Relief Society a couple of weeks ago we were discussing the Book of Mormon when a member of the bishopbric made the comment that the Book of Mormon is the ONLY scripture that talks fully about the grace of Christ. In the bible we learn a lot about the character of Christ and get to see first hand his endless miracles and unconditional charity, but we don't fully get to experience the testimony and beauty of his grace. The Book of Mormon is the only book on this earth where we can fully learn and understand the grace of Christ, something we all need.

I'm so grateful for my Savior. He is always there for me. His grace means the world to me, it's my favorite thing about this gospel. It's the answer to my every plea and it's the hope to my endless weaknesses. But those weaknesses don't matter and aren't permanent when I give it to Christ and allow myself to be perfected in Him. With Christ on my side and as my advocate, absolutely nothing is impossible! 

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