Friday, August 5, 2016

Faith - Believe it! Live by it! Become it!

Art By: Robert Barrett

Sometimes the power of faith just astounds me! We hear about faith ALL THE TIME! By no means is it a new concept to us, but I will tell you there is POWER in studying faith and choosing to live by it. Faith is an action word, it something that we do by thought, by heart, and by action. All three of those must be in line or we truly aren't acting by faith.

I must admit that sometimes I wake up not feeling really motivated but having a desire to have a desire. Are you keeping up with me so far? haha, allow me to explain. I love The Power of One blog and program I am in the process of creating, especially the vision Heavenly Father has blessed with me to see the potential impact it could have on not only the lives of girls, but on future families and stronger mother and daughter connections. But sometimes that vision isn't as clear or as bright as it has been at certain points and when I can't really see the impact it is making or I am blinded by the vision, it's as if I don't even feel like working on it because what's the point? 

Um, HELLO!!! It's called faith! It's called doing what you don't feel like doing trusting light will come again soon. And while I'm being honest, I'll be honest some more. Sometimes I feel this way in other areas of my life too, such as avoiding sugar and going to bed earlier. Yeah so now you know my confessions. 

I think we all go through phases like this at one time or another. Phases where we wake up expecting the results and all of our hearts wishes to come true, wishes we didn't know about until they were placed in our heart 0.5 seconds ago. We expect it without praying for it, without working towards it, and sometimes we think the faith we had for those 0.5 seconds is enough to last a life time. 

I know I do it time and time again, but is that really faith! Yeah, I don't think so. Faith is AWESOME! Why wouldn't we want to live by faith. Why would we want every wish our heart makes to come true without any work put into it? That would just be fleeting! And we are here to experience JOY!! And of course JOY is a RESULT of FAITH! 

Ether 12:6 "...wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith."

In those moments when there is a big cloud in front of your sunshine and there is no light in sight...keep walking! When you're wondering what the point is to just keep going or why put in the effort for the things that are hard, time consuming, and the results seem to be in the that there is a point and light will come!

Alma 32:21 "And now as  said concerning faith - faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true."


Positive affirmations are POWERFUL! You become what you believe and your thoughts are shaping you! It says so in Proverbs 23:7 "As a man thinketh, so is He." Positive affirmations about your life, your desires, your attributes, and the things you want to accomplish will impact your life. Don't believe me? Put it to the test and I dare you to see what happens. 

Anytime you don't feel like doing something you know you should, tell yourself aloud alone "I love doing... because it makes me feel..." or "I am the most successful...because of the hard work I put in daily." Create your own daily affirmations and you will really start to believe everything you are telling yourself. Why do you think you say the Young Women's theme every single week, because it is a positive way to create positive beliefs. Your mind needs to be reminded of truth often, feed it carefully!


Get out there and do what you wish you had the desire and motivation to do. It's about going blindly in faith. Once you start doing whatever you are dreading, chances are you will start to see the light come and the cloud move away giving you the motivation you were hoping for. Just because you can't see what's on the road in a mile doesn't mean that you should slam on your breaks and keep all the cars behind you held back as well. No you move forward so everyone around you can move forward and you can get to the destination you were hoping to reach in the first place.

Live by your faith always! Trust that even when you have no motivation or desire that God will bless your efforts and you will in the end be so rewarded for walking blindly. 


You are what you believe you are. The actions that you live by and the beliefs that you practice on a daily basis are shaping you to become who you are. If you believe and then live by what you want to have happen, that's what you can become.

Sometimes this can be discouraging when you realize you haven't been doing this all along or you've made mistakes along the way, but what's beautiful about the atonement of Jesus Christ and the every day powers it offers is that the past doesn't matter any more. It's about moving forward and having second chances. It's about making a commitment with the Lord that from this day forward you're going to try harder to be better. 

If you're looking for real joy and happiness, it's not just going to hit you on the head as you're standing still. It's something you work for and obtain because of your faith. Every single happily ever after begins and ends with FAITH!

If your heart is heavy or you feel in a funk or as if something is missing, study faith because faith has POWER! 

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