Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Embrace the Moment You're In

Proverbs 23:7 // "As He thinketh in His heart, so is He."

Picture from our Snow Canyon Cave Hike

Have you ever heard the statement, "You are what you believe you are?" How true that is! If you believe you aren't loved, no amount of love either through words or actions will ever be enough to make you feel loved, it is your beliefs that will feed your soul. 

If you think about faith and happiness; you bring about faith and happiness. What a beautiful concept, am I right?!

Last week I went down to St. George; fear and anxiety kept creeping up on me in the worst ways. Some moments I wanted to wish away the vacation and the beautiful time to relax so the fear would leave me. What I didn't recognize in that moment was I was thinking about that fear. I was allowing it to build up and fester in my heart and mind which only created more fear and anxiety and eventually many other negative emotions that brought down opposition that threatened my happiness and even the happiness of those around me as well.

Life is to be enjoyed - Have a little fun! 

We are in control of our happiness, it's not about the circumstances that lie in front of us. We can be happy at any time, any where if we allow ourselves to be. It's about not fearing the future, but living in the moment. Every moment is so beautiful. Every moment there is so much joy that awaits us, will we choose it? Will we choose to soak up the moment, a gift so precious given to us by a loving Heavenly Father? 

After coming home from that vacation, thinking all fear would float away, it didn't. All I wanted was to go back on that vacation and have a do-over. I wanted to relive the moments that I had missed out on living in fear. What moments are you missing out on in your life? What opposition are you bringing upon yourself because of what your thoughts are creating you to be?

I love life! Life is hard, really hard! But it's beautiful and so worth it and I never want to waste a precious moment of it. I don't ever want to be found wishing a moment away again. Life is to be enjoyed. God created us to have joy! Let's make the most of it. I want to make sure I make life full of good and clean fun and stop worrying my life away. Today I choose to give up fear and sadness and look to God to live!

Here are three life motto's I want to leave you with today:

1. Make people feel loved!

You will NEVER regret making others feel loved, EVER! You know what you will regret? Criticism and tearing others down. Even if you don't mean to criticize, even if you think the words you are going to say will solve your problems; if it's not going to make others feel loved, refrain. You have so much power inside of you to make a difference and influence others for good. Make people feel loved, that's the way to true friendship and getting others to like you. 

You never forget those that make you feel loved. You never forget the people that make you feel loved, so be that person. To be a people builder is to accomplish the greatest thing. Don't underestimate the power your words and actions have. If it isn't nice and encouraging, then simply don't say it. Help others to feel valued and appreciated because you chose your words carefully. Criticism doesn't change people, love and acceptance does. The quickest way to inspire others is to love them unconditionally. 

2. Live in the Moment You're In!

Embrace this moment. It will never come again. Make happiness an option even if you find yourself drowning in anxiety. You can waste the moment living in fear, or you can let the fear go, look to God and LIVE! He gave you this moment for a reason. This moment is yours; it's yours to have joy in, it's yours to embrace it; it's yours to use to serve others! Don't let the moment pass you by because it will all too quickly. Just soak it up, live in it. 

Moments pass all too quickly, beauty and lessons are found in every single moment; focus on the moment until you find it. This present day was given to you for a reason. Life is short, don't let it pass you by.

3. Be Grateful

Be grateful to those around you, be thankful to Heavenly Father, and find gratitude in the good moments and the hard ones. So many people do so many incredible things for you, are you aware of all of them? Let people know that you notice the good others do for you. Thank people when you see them build you up, check on you, or show you charity and love. Everyone deserves a little gratitude for the good they do. Thank Heavenly Father for the blessings that feel your very life and soul. Thank Him for the blessings you just keep overlooking. Life is good! Did you hear me? LIFE IS GOOD! It's hard, I can't even explain how hard I think life, but man there is so much to be thankful for and ever good and bad moment you get through; that is something to be grateful about. Look for the beauty in every moment no matter what it offers you. You deserve to be happy and that comes from gratitude. 

Disclaimer: This little blog of mine, it's my space where I try to make something beautiful out of the little mess in my mind. I'm not perfect at what I say, in fact I think I learn more from my blog than any other person out there. I don't blog to try and tell others how I think they should be living their life, I blog because it's what I enjoy. It's what brings me peace in the hectic moments of life. These three motto's are three things that I am imperfect at, but things I believe with all my heart are important. I'm preaching to myself, but if you want to join along we can make it a party. 

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