Wednesday, March 9, 2016

YSA #LDSFace2Face // Elder Holland - My Takeaways

I am a huge fan of Elder Holland...but I mean, really who isn't? He is so full of love, honesty, compassion, and humor. 

Watching the YSA Face2Face event tonight was so inspiring and full of the Spirit. So grateful for his words of wisdom and for the way he lives his life to bless us with such incredible words of the sprit. 

If you missed it - check it out HERE

I just wanted to share some of my favorite takeaways from the event...

1. Find a man that would do ANYTHING for you, knowing all that they would ask of you would be righteous. This is what true love is.

2. Focus on what is right rather than who is right.

3. Happiness comes from taking the blinders off and looking outside of yourself.

4. We are not going to form a 2nd class citizenship for girls who do not serve missions.

5. You don't know the backstory on everyone, often even your closest friends. We should never judge or assume.

6. Don't ever give up on ANYONE, the power of the atonement is so real.

7. Study the life of Christ long enough to truly know Him and love Him.

8. Blessings are available to those that are chaste.

9. If it's a good thing, go with it.

10. Whatever the question, the gospel of Jesus Christ is THE ANSWER!

11. Christ is the beginning and the end for me, He is where I begin and where I end.

12. Christ is Alpha Omega!!!

13. He is the bright morning Sun and Son that ALWAYS comes up!

14. In the dark of the night, Jesus will find you.

15. We are indebted to the women of the church, as I am to the women in my life.

16. Memorize D+C 4 = the formula for a happy marriage.

17. The work that needs to be done for the church can't be done by missionaries alone.

18. Christlike attributes are the foundation for all relationships.

19. God can speak to you through your thoughts, heart, intelligence, and every good thing. So if it is a good thing, trust it is from Him. Don't get so caught up in worrying if it's the spirit that you stop moving.

20. Love is what you go through together...don't wait when you have a good thing! Don't wait on money, school, a career. 

Elder Holland asked us to respond to this question:

What do I do to find peace + happiness in times of trial? 

My answer: I keep in perspective that it was I that fought to come to earth and be tried. Of course it is going to be hard but one day I will look back and it will be beyond worth it. I also get up and serve others. I find ways to build others so I can forget about my own problems. I read conference talks and listen to them as I go on long walks. I go to the temple to feel of God's peace and love. I pray aloud in my car, my room, outside in the park or in front of the temple. I take my Book of Mormon with me everywhere I go. 

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