Saturday, March 19, 2016

Our Deepest Fear is Letting Our Spirits Shine

For the past several weeks, Satan has been beating me up. I have no doubt that my passion of empowering girls to come unto Christ is my calling, but somedays Satan knows exactly what buttons to push to make me feel unmotivated. The voices saying what I do doesn't matter, isn't needed, or will never be enough to make a difference can sometimes pull me down. 

When these voices and lies come up out of nowhere, I have to pause and catch my thoughts in action. Isn't that exactly what I'm teaching these girls to do, to take power over their own life, thoughts, and actions. So shouldn't I take power over mine? We aren't objects to be acted upon, we are agents to act for ourselves. 

I've had an idea for quite sometime to make a video about my blog and the purpose behind it, the opportunity suddenly came together and today we filmed it. There were so many reasons why I didn't want to follow through today; so many lies from the adversary that tried to keep it from happening and yet Christ led the way. Because of Christ the impossible becomes possible. Turning to Christ took power away from the adversary and the power's of Heaven took over.

What a blessing it was to spend time with fourteen beautiful young women today. Young women that have their hearts planted in Christ. Young women that strive to take power over their life every single day because they know the blessings Christ has to offer.

The video project went so smoothly; the sun was shining and the girls united instantly. God is good. God is on our side. Even when we feel we have no control over our thoughts, moods, road blocks, and circumstances; we do. God is with us. Satan wanted to blind me from taking action on something that came from Deity. Satan wanted the light of my spirit to be hidden, he wanted to stop me from acting on a good thing. 

{From the movie 'Coach Carter'}

I love this quote so much; I'm sure you've heard this quote before but what if this time you could see it from another deeper perspective. What if every single "good thing"; because ALL good things come from God (Moroni 7:12)  that we felt prompted and inspired to do we acted upon drawing down more power from Heaven leading us to become unstoppable in who our spirits longs to be. 

Even if we don't understand what we are doing or why we are doing it in the moment, our spirits do! Our Spirits communicate to one another more than we can comprehend. As we choose to take action on the good things in this life; those things we want to do and feel inspired to do that are very good things come to us for a reason. Even if the motivation for the task only lasts for .02 milliliter of a second, it STILL came to you from God and it is still being directed to YOU for a reason. 

We each have different talents and gifts for a purpose, if we all had the same ones we would be limited in the things that could ever be accomplished here on earth. We must act so we can unconsciously inspire others to act on their own good ambitions and promptings. Just what if we are most fearful of the missions are spirits are sent here to accomplish because we don't recognize with God's power how possible it is. What if our very divine nature is the answer to every problem and obstacle that is ever put in front of us. 

Let your light shine! You were given light for a reason and unhappiness comes when we allow Satan to rob us of that very light that was meant to be shared with others. 

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