Thursday, March 3, 2016

O Remember, Remember - That We May Have His Peace

Art by Robert Barrett

There's a reason the word REMEMBER is used in the scriptures 277 times. Every single day I seem to be reminded of this important principle. Satan is real; him and his evil spirits are out to stop us from touching lives and reaching our full potential. If he can make us forget peace, truth, light, love, hope, and that all good things come from Christ, then he starts to win.

There are so many things that I know I should remember. Remember to pray, remember to read scriptures, remember to love your neighbors, remember to go visiting teaching, remember to pay tithing, remember, remember, remember as the list proceeds on. Remembering that we should do the primary answers is easy. Remembering WHY we do them and remembering to ACTUALLY DO them... I think that's what Nephi and Lehi were talking about in Helaman 5. We have to remember why we are even being asked to do all of these simple but powerful things in the first place!

We do them because we have to remember who we are! Do you know who you are? Do you really know who you are? And if so, do you feel that burning in your soul today? If not, there is something else you have forgotten! Go look in the mirror and see if you can find out what it is.

Every single day I seem to forget something, whether it be what peace feels like or what hope really is, or sometimes I forget to be consistent in saying my prayers at the exact same time so I can create patterns that will bless my life now and my future family to come. There is always something that we need to remember.

We didn't come here to fail, not a chance!!! We are children of God; and with God ALL things are possible! You better believe we came here to win! You better believe we have a loving Heavenly Father who will do everything He possibly can to help us succeed! You better believe Christ paid the price for so we can know hope and have second chances! Faith is the most powerful weapon we have; when we believe in the truth we have been taught and we review it often, that's where peace is found.

We can't forget the good nature of God and that His love never ends no matter what. We can't forget to turn to Christ. We can't forget that trials are apart of this life; but with God we will get through anything and we can always have His peace can always be with us!

How do we remember these things:

1. Pray - ask Heavenly Father to remind you what you may have forgotten. Pray before you study that you may always remember the truth you are obtaining and learning.

2. Consistency - the more you create patterns and repetitions; the more truth and peace will live inside of you.

3. Journal, Write and Take Notes - Take notes at a fireside or church when you hear something that stands out. Journal every night to remember how God's hand was in your life today. Write about experiences so they can come to your mind easier later on.

4. Put on the Armor of God - shield yourself from the adversary - he will distract you, tempt you, make you feel worthless, and push you down if you are not fully shielded.

5. Open Your Heart - the more open your heart is, the more you will allow yourself to feel of God's love which will then always help you to remember.

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