Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Love Notes From God in the Temple

How glorious the temple is. It was ward temple night tonight and traffic was so bad to get to the Draper temple because of rush hour so I was running a few minutes late. I finally arrive at the temple and I can't decide if I want to get out of my car, Satan really wanted to stop me from going to the temple and having light in my life today obviously. I say a quick little prayer to know if I should go inside knowing I won't be able to do a session with my ward. The spirit says go; and it wasn't a loud voice or anything like that. It was a peace and more of a guidance helping me out of the car when I didn't feel like it. 

I get inside and tell them I wanted to do a session, thinking I could maybe try and hurry to be with my ward by a slight possible chance (what can I say, I'm an hopeful thinker), the kind man told me it was too late and suggested I do itineraries so I agreed. (Side note: it's 11:11 right now #LoveNoteFromGod) I sit down in the only spot available, next to this cute girl and I start reading the Book of Mormon. A lady hugs her and says to her "How is being president?" I got the impression that she must be the Young Single Adult Relief Society President in her ward as well. For the next twenty minutes or so I keep thinking I should talk to her, I just felt like it wasn't a good moment to do so and so I didn't. Well, she goes in about fifteen minutes before I do so I started to believe I would never get to talk to her or see her again. 

She happened to be in the dressing room the same time I was just finishing, then she walked out and came back in after forgetting her keys. God's timing is PERFECT! I was just walking out and the spirit led me to talk with her. I mentioned how I had heard the previous ladies comment to her and asked if she was the Relief Society President. I told her I was the president in my ward too. I told her of the feelings of my inadequacies and how I often feel I come up short from what I COULD be doing. We had a beautiful heart to heart as we talked and brainstormed with one another. 

Then we started talking about jobs and goals and she told me of a connection she had for me. I couldn't believe it. What a sweet girl God put in my path today. What a tender mercy the Lord blessed me with to let me know that He hears every single word I say and He is so aware of me. 

I left the temple this evening with a little extra pep in my step, and as I went into the store this evening I just wanted to compliment everyone I saw. I just wanted to people build and so I did exactly that. As I walked out of the store, I know the lady who had helped me felt a little more peace and happiness in her life as she couldn't stop smiling either. When you feel the Lord's love, you just can't help but pass it on! It's not even something you have to think about, it just naturally happens. 

This experience was proof to me of just how much the adversary tries to stop us from doing good things and allowing light to shine into our lives. It's not even through huge things either, but the simple yet beautiful ones. If you feel a lack of motivation or desire in your life it could be the adversary trying to stop you from feeling the love of God. Invite Christ into your heart, just talk to Him and tell Him every single thing and he will guide and bless you, this I testify of in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

Oh, P.S. I went through the temple exactly one year ago from Monday. It's honestly been the hardest but most blessed year of my entire life. 

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