Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Wife I Hope To Be Someday

I spend a lot of time pondering about the girl I am and the girl I want to become. I have this ideal image of the wife I hope to be, it's absolutely nothing unattainable, but I know I need to work a little bit harder to get to where I long to be. Being a good wife is one of the most important things to me as I want to be able to serve my husband with my whole heart constantly. The definition of true love is to care more about the other person than you care about yourself. It's about making a choice of humility every single day, while still balancing working on being your best self.  

Goal setting is one of my favorite things to do. It's important we always know what we are striving for. I came across this blog post the other day talking about '23 qualities of a woman worth dating' and I am absolutely in love with this list. While I don't feel like any of those qualities were really missing from my life, it's a list that makes me want to be better and try harder. I am so in love with this list that I have put it next to my mirror so I can review it often and take a personal inventory of how I am doing. 

Here's the list:

Take this list; add to it, adjust it, pray about it. Whatever you feel to be right, do it. 

I personally feel the list is very close to the wife I hope to be. 

A few of my goals as far as being a good wife goes are...

1. Cooking meals all the time - families that eat together, stay together.

2. If something hurts my feelings, don't take it personally but get out of my emotional brain and into my logical brain to reevaluate the situation.

3. Focusing on how love is being shown rather than how I feel I need it to be shown.

4. Being a cheerleader for my husband at all times, always supporting his ambitions and goals.

5. Working out and eating healthy together. Health plays into everything!

6. Being open minded about hobbies, passions, and goals and always willing to try new things that my husband may be interested in.

7. To be easy going and less critical. I want to praise my husband, not constantly tear him down.

8. Keeping the home and yard clean and organized so the spirit can be with us.

9. Never yelling or fighting, but talking things out calmly if a disagreement appears.

10. Every day finding a way to serve him to show him just how much he means to me. 

Also check out the list of'23 qualities of a guy worth dating'.

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