Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Our Relationship with Christ is the Foundation for All Our Relationships

It's said you become like the 5 people you spend the most time with; well if that's true and if the only person ever found perfect to ever live on this earth is Christ, then shouldn't Christ be at the top of that list?

There have been many moments in my life where my relationship with Christ is rock solid strong and I devote so much time to strengthening my faith in Him as I allow Him to enter every area of my life. Then I have moments where I let fear stop me from turning to Him, like He is going to fail me or something. CRAZY, right? I know, it's pure and utter crazy madness. It makes no sense to me, none! But that's how Satan works, He's deceiving in the little tiny ways. 

If you get anything from this post, please just remember this one line:
No other person is fighting for your happiness and pleading for you to have eternal joy more than Christ! 

As I've been evaluating the relationships I have in my life, I've noticed a pattern; the stronger my relationship is with Christ, the stronger every other relationship in my life is as well. The more my heart grows closer to the Savior, the more I can grow and strengthen the relationships I yearn to grow. Without Christ, nothing grows; it just stays and over time it weakens. 

Christ is the glue to every single relationship and bond I desire to grow, without Him everything else around me crumbles. When I spend time with Christ, I am becoming more like Him which allows me to be a better a person and lift those around me. Without Christ, I become bitter, jealous, cynical, and weak. Christ allows me to be a light and joy to those placed in my life as my heart is pointing to Him.

There are quite a few Christ-like attributes that we need for any relationship to grow...


Trials will come up in any relationship, they just will no matter what. But as you hope in good things to come, as you work through the hard times and develop confidence in each other, you will conquer discouragement and you become stronger together. 


True love is about loving the other person more than you love yourself. It's about constantly thinking of that person and wanting to serve them. It's about finding time to think of that person and sharing them that you care through selfless acts of kindness and charity. 

But charity doesn't just relate to a romantic relationship, for any relationship to be strong we have to be willing to show that we can put that person first and that they matter to us. 


Virtue is living a clean and spiritually pure life. Without virtue in a marriage, there could be no trust and no unity. Virtue is also the ability to control your mind so you can resist temptation. It's about living a life of integrity and honesty because trust is essential to any relationship. 


Worldly knowledge is nice to have and can make some conversations really fun, but the important kind of knowledge to gain is knowledge of the scriptures because it is impossible for man to be saved by ignorance. Studying the scriptures allows the Holy Ghost to speak to our minds more easily and fully which can be a great benefit to grow any relationship. 

Just the other day I was frustrated by something someone I care for very much was doing. I kept seeing this action as a weakness and I felt irritated. Then the spirit taught me a lesson, I saw it as a weakness, but just maybe it was a gift. Perhaps I was frustrated by this action because I was looking at it through the wrong eyes. What if it was a gift given to this person to help analyze and see things in a new way. What if I was irritated by this action because it was a gift I had not yet developed so I couldn't see it as such just yet. Without the Holy Ghost and the knowledge it offered me, I wouldn't have been able to let go of something so small that could have hurt this relationship.


Any relationship takes patience because no one is perfect. There will always be something that someone around us does that bothers us, it takes patience to address it and then let it go. It takes patience to overlook weakness and sometimes that is simply the only thing that can be done.


Humility is not always having to be right, it's about loving the other person enough to not cause contention and to simply just let things go once again. It's about saying sorry even if you're positive that you are right. It's about serving the other person even if they did hurt your feelings. Humility is one of my absolute favorite Christ-like attributes because everything falls underneath it's umbrella. 


Diligence is about not giving up when a relationship gets hard and tough. It's about sticking through the rainstorms to see a beautiful rainbow in the end. It's about doing good things and putting everything you can into the relationship to look back and see just how far you have come.  


If we aren't obeying God, we are inviting the adversary in to destroy every good relationship we have. Christ wants us to be happy! God wants us to be happy! Commandments are here for protection, not restriction. 

I testify that as we turn our hearts to Christ and spend time with Him every single day of our lives, really investing in this relationship, every other relationship we desire to be strong really does grow. The only limitation is that both individuals need to be giving their hearts to Christ, both need to be equally yoked in Him. That is not to say one couldn't influence the other. 

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