Saturday, January 16, 2016

To Have An Open Heart

This morning I woke up reflecting on where my heart was at. I needed to know if it was open to hearing the will of Heavenly Father no matter what He may ask of me. I have been so very blessed throughout my life and I am so indebted to Heavenly Father for all the blessings He has given me. 

After all He has given me, it was essential for me to know if I was willing to pay it all back and give my heart to Him. A song immediately came into my mind and I remembered a little over a year ago how I was planning on going on a mission and my heart was willing to do anything for God, no matter how hard I thought it would be. But I submitted my will to Him and He said to me, "You don't need to go, I just wanted YOU to know that you would be willing to do that for me." 

Heavenly Father isn't asking me to go on a mission this morning, but He sure wants to make sure my heart is in line to do anything He asks of me. 

How often is there a service opportunity right in front of us, something as simple as saying hi to an acquaintance or taking the time to ask someone about their struggles and we pass by so focused on ourselves? 

How often are we selfish in what we give because we are too wrapped up in what we want? 

How often are we allowing our heart to become shriveled up, cold, and hard so that we may keep going where we are headed?

Why do we do this? We think the direction and speed we are headed is making us happy or that we may know best, but little do we know the happiness that awaits in result of a warm and open heart.

A heart that is willing to give is a heart that will be happy forever.
A heart that takes the time for others literally grows in size.
A heart that is submissive to the will of God is a heart 
that is changed for the eternities.
A heart that is open creates energy which welcomes the spirit.

Open your eyes for opportunities and open your heart to giving all that you can!

If we want God's love in our life, we first have to make room for it. 
It's in the little ways we close our heart off to others that blocks us from letting the love of God inside. If we love the Lord, we have to show Him and we have to do what it takes to welcome it in with open arms. 

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