Monday, January 4, 2016

#SparkleHope Challenge - Week 1

Welcome to #SparkleHope Challenge week 1.
So happy you are here!

Last year was hard, harder than I have the words for. 
But I was BLESSED, oh so very blessed by so many. 
On those dark days where I didn't think light would ever come again, 
a little sparkle came from so many of you that kept me going. I knew God was aware of me because of the sparkle that came into my life through letters, invitations, phone calls, inspiration, chocolate, quotes, text messages, emails, and visits from the incredible people in my life.
I have never understood the worth of a soul so much as I did through this experience. 
Those simple acts of service meant EVERYTHING to me.
And now I want others understand just how precious one soul is to God.

That's why this challenge is happening. 
I think the best way I can show my gratitude to those that were an answer to my
 prayer and brought a little hope into my life is by passing it on,
adding a little sparkle to the lives of others.

So without further ado... 

Thank someone who has added sparkle to your life this past year.

Make a list of some people who really blessed your life this year in small or large ways. Anything from a letter that touched your heart to a friend that changed your life. 
Let them know.

Here are some ideas:
Write a thank you letter.
Bring them some flowers.
Send a test about the impact it had on you.
Make them a cupcake.

Find a way to get creative in your ways of thanking those who influenced your life or added sparkle on your journey in 2015.

Post a picture or message on any social media outlet about how you completed the weekly challenge using the hashtag #SparkleHope so we can all be inspired. I think I even want to feature a few on my blog before next weeks challenge begins.

So go out there and let the world see you SPARKLE!

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