Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Remember Who You Are

We live in a world where Satan wants us to forget who we are. If we forget who we are and whose we are, then we become distracted by less important things and we never end up reaching our full potential, the potential God sees within us. 

I really love Disney movies, I mean, who doesn't right? There are so many valuable hidden lessons that can be found in Disney movies. I LOVE this line from the above clip: "You have forgotten who you are, so have forgotten me. Look inside yourself, you are more than you have become."

"You are more than you have become", let's just explore that for just a moment shall we? 

We are all children of God, agreed? Okay, great! 

And being a child of God means we have the potential to become all that Heavenly Father is. Heavenly Father is perfect in every way, which means we have the potential to become perfect as we strive for this perfection. I think we sometimes become hindered by this principal. We know we are capable of so much, we know we have power within us to make a difference, touch lives, and to change our very own life...but sometimes we get stuck. Sometimes we become so focused on who we are not that we don't see who we are. 

It is absolutely impossible to know who you are, your true authentic self and spirit without first knowing who Heavenly Father is. It was Him that created you, Him that believed in you, and Him that loved you enough to allow you to come to earth and grow. If you become blinded to who you really are, if you forget your worth, your potential, your spiritual gifts, and your spirit that lived in Heaven, then by so doing you are forgetting Heavenly Father. 

The more you learn of God, the more you learn of yourself. But it's not just knowing of Him , it's not just knowing that He is our Father in Heaven watching over us, it's not just knowing He has good intentions for our comes down to KNOWING Him. Knowing what makes Him happy and what makes Him sad. Knowing God by knowing of so many stories that display His nature and character that He is the same God yesterday, today, and forever. For me, the absolute best way to get to know anybody is by serving that person. By putting yourself in that person's shoes and seeing how you can help that person or how that person might feel, that is how you really get to know who they are and not just know of that person. 

The world is sending all these messages to you of who you should become, what you should do with your life, what makes you successful, and what will make you popular; every single time anyone listens to those messages and acts upon them they will start to lose a little piece of who they are. You were sent here to be YOU! God had a very specific purpose for you when you came down to earth. You have to be true to who God sees you to be, you have to forget about who you were told to be, to be who you really truly are!

Our world portrays having different beliefs from society as a hindrance, but quite the opposite is true; as you stay true to those beliefs that are absolute truth, the beliefs that are good and praiseworthy, that is what unlocks your power to reach your TRUE potential. 

{Here's a short + cute clip for your enjoyment}

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