Saturday, January 2, 2016

Judge Less and Love More

Sometimes I get caught in this trap of black and white thinking. If I'm right, then you're definitely wrong. If I'm wrong, then you're 100% right. I start assuming things of others based on what I see or don't see. Every time I assume something about another person or another situation, I end up wrong or I leave out a very important piece of the puzzle. 

Just because others don't think like me, doesn't mean I was right the entire time, it means I didn't have all of the information. The longer I live, the more I learn gray really is a color that is so important to balance and welcome into my life. 

This is the year I want to judge less and love more. 

There is good in every single person, no matter what. If I am focused too much on the bad or the differences of that person, my eyes are blinded from seeing the good and the more flaws start to develop within me too, because I'm so focused on the flaws of another. The more I look for the good and become welcoming and loving of every single individual that crosses my path, the more my heart is opened to good and peace starts to warm my heart. 

Satan is the one focused on black and white and only one right and one wrong. The plan of Satan was to force us to live with Heavenly Father taking away choices. It was all just one way thinking. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ welcome gray thinking, they allow us to explore and learn for ourselves through agency. They desire us to live with them again, but they will not force us. They will judge us by our hearts, and we certainly can't see any hearts, so we have no place to judge. 

The more people I meet, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I grow. The more I grow, the more I understand there is good in every single person. Every individual that crosses my path can teach me something if my eyes are open enough to see what there is to learn. 

Usually when I am making a presumption or judgement of another person, it is more indicative of my own insecurities and flaws than anything that person did or didn't do. When I feel strong and confident in who I am, which only comes from faith in Christ, I am able to look past anything that is holding another back and I am able to celebrate every incredible talent and quality in that person. The more I desire to tear down another person, the more I find I need to turn my heart back to Christ for another self-esteem builder.

Christ wants us to find the good in others, he wants us to celebrate the spiritual qualities in another, because no matter how flawed one individual may be, Christ still knew that person was worth dying for. 

Here's to a year of judging less and loving more. 

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