Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christ Will be Your Remedy

I have the most amazing hair stylist ever. I could talk to her all day long every single day. Seriously though, she rocks! 

Yesterday we started talking about some incredible stories of faith, life, and trials. Stories that gave me goosebumps and testified of Christ. Then somehow we started talking about Adele and what a hero she is. She is the signature of #GirlPower and embracing who she is perfection and flaws. She is the definition of being true to herself. As we were talking about Adele, Sunnie, my hairstylist told me I had to go home and listen to the song 'Remedy' by Adele, picturing Christ singing the lyrics to me. 

It was so POWERFUL! Now I want you to try it.

Imagine every single lyric of this song is coming from Christ.

Christ loves you SO much! Christ is the ONLY way. 
He is the only way to truth. 
He is the only way to happiness.
He is the only way to confidence.
He is the only way to hope.
He is the only way to peace.
He is the only way to home.

Christ will be your remedy, ALWAYS! 

Let Him in.

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