Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Listen - God is Speaking to YOU

Listen - Colton Avery 

Everybody's going somewhere and we're trying to find our way
But we get lost sometimes and think we're all alone
We don't know our destination and we're running in place
Because of all of the distractions on the road

But he is there
And he knows where you belong
And he runs to bring you home

When you're trying to find the path you should take
When you lost inside the wind and the waves
His voice will break through
He is speaking to you
When you don't know where to fasten your gaze
When the world's distractions get in your way
He will be your guide
If you just close your eyes
And listen

Everybody's looking forward never knowing what will come
Moving on with faith of fearing what's ahead
But we can let and help us through it and decide to feel his love
We can do it all our own and fall again

Because he is there
And if we hold on to his grace
He will help us find our way


You will hear him every time, you listen.

I love this song! Did you read the lyrics above? What a powerful message! 

I can't tell you how many times I get lost or hit a dead end, or slip off of the snowy road only to have to begin again. 

I saw this picture on Facebook and I fell in love. Besides, it fits this message perfectly. I believe God is looking upon us, He can see the entire picture. He sees where we are, He sees where we're going, and He sees the sliding that is happening when the roads are just too slick for us to keep on going. Christ is the light that takes up the entire picture, adding beauty to our life no matter how hard our journey is ahead. Sometimes we get stuck in fear, not knowing exactly when we will slide off the road, but knowing how strong of a possibility it is. 

Our destination is the temple; or in an eternal perspective, Heaven. We long to feel of God's love and guidance for our lives, but sometimes we can't see where we are going or the big tall buildings stand in our way blocking the view or distracting us from the light. God is always there. He is still watching over you and I, no matter how beautiful or crazy the world becomes, the only things we ever have to do is LISTEN! It's that simple. 

We have to slow down, and let Him guide. When we are going the wrong way and we are as lost as it gets, God comes running to help us through every distraction we will ever see on the road. When you feel lost, forgotten, alone, sorrowful, or simply broken - close your eyes and listen for God to lead and guide you once again. 

If you take a wrong turn, it's easy to feel like God is so disappointed or He never wants us back; that's the adversary speaking. He loves you so much and He longs to help you find your way. Trust in Him. Trust in His love. Trust that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He will guide you, His mercy is endless and it's all because of Christ. 

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