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Book Review // Book Tour - More Than a Tattooed Mormon: Al Carraway

More Than a Tattooed Mormon

About the Book:

Author: Al Carraway

Released: 2015

Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.

Genre: Spiritual/Inspirational

Book and Author Sources:


Book Description:

My Thoughts:

This book is an incredible read. Al shares her story of faith, trials, and endurance on her journey to conversion and what happened after. This book is more than just a story though, it's a written testimony of the love and mercy our Heavenly Father has for each one of His children. This book will make you laugh, this book will make you cry, and this book will give you hope of better days ahead. I admire Al, her faith and testimony to teach others about the gospel as well as her constant drive to spread goodness on social media daily.

I was so excited when Al released her book, I would pick it up and read it when I needed to be reminded of God's love and goodness. What I love about her book is all the great scripture references and quotes from the leadership of the church she has included while telling her story. I love reading what she feels about a scripture, then picking up my own Book of Mormon and studying that verse to see what I get out of it. I love how Al explains the gospel in such simple but powerful forms.

If you're looking to build your testimony, if you're looking for a reason to keep going, if you're strong in your faith and want to read another testimony, if you are thinking of converting, if you are a convert, if you want to be reminded of God's goodness and mercy through the trials, if you simply want to be inspired, this book is FOR YOU! It's a quick read with powerful insights. 

I'm big on highlighting a book so I can remember quotes and wise wisdom, this is a book you better believe is all marked up. I want to share a handful of some of my favorite quotes from this book.

A Few of My Favorite Quotes:

"The Spirit always speaks, but it is up to us to actually listen and not just listen for what we want to hear."

"Everything God does is to help us succeed."

"I can't think of a greater feeling than the Lord's approval of what you're doing."

"Nothing was going to affect my relationship with my Father in Heaven."

"Faith is not a feeling; it's a decision you have to make every day, sometimes several times a day, in each situation."

"Everyone needs to learn different things in different ways."

"We find whatever it is we are looking for. Look for the good; it's there."

"God is for us, so it really doesn't matter who is against us."

"Life without God is life without real happiness."

"When you're serving the Lord, of course everything works out, and you will always have the resources you need to continue."

"Fear, confusion, or anger should never be an option for us once we remember who is speaking to and guiding us."

"When it is His time, it will happen almost immediately."

"You may not have gone where you had in mind, but you will end up where you need to be with better blessings."

"God can't help us and bless us if we are not moving and we are not trying."

"Change is more difficult when we aren't fully committed or don't fully know why we should. Love for and an understanding of Christ can fix that."

"Distractions stop us from receiving and hearing answers."

"With God, life is oh so good."

With God, you have the power to do anything."

About the Author:

AL CARRAWAY // Al Carraway is an award-winning LDS speaker, a blogger, and a convert. She was born and raised in Rochester, New York, where she became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 2009 and earned her degree in graphic design. 

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