Wednesday, December 9, 2015

#ASaviorIsBorn - Day 9 - No Better Tutor than Christ

My heart has been so humbled today as anxiety entered my heart from an unexpected and unwelcomed visit. I instantly turned to the Lord and told Him I couldn't do this without Him. Heavenly Father understood, He smiled, and He said "I'm so glad we both agree". Christ came to my rescue, not by taking the anxiety away, but by allowing my heart to turn to God with trust that it would be okay, I didn't know how and I didn't want to face it, but I just knew with Christ fighting my battles for me, it would all be okay.

I hate anxiety, I despise it because I feel paralyzed in thought and action. Panic has to be one of the worst emotions we can feel in this world. But without the anxiety bouts that sometimes hit my life at the most unexpected times, I wouldn't come to know the Lord in the most intimate and personal ways I have had the privilege of experiencing. 

There is no better tutor I could ask for in this life than my Savior, the one I must place every bit of trust I have in. Trials are often a way I can welcome a personal visitation from the Savior. As I look to Him, He always leads the way, brings peace to my soul, and leaves a handprint on my heart of the lessons He needed me to know. Without the trials I have gone through in my life, I can't imagine how prideful and selfish I would be. It is only through storms and bitterness that life has to offer, that I submit my entire will to Heavenly Father and utter the words "Thy will be done." 

Trials, no matter how heart-rending they may be are the turning points that are my greatest blessings. It is in the middle of these moments that I develop the deepest companionship I could ever wish or desire to obtain with Christ. I love Him with all my heart and I want to show that. To strengthen my love for Him more, I must come to know Him on a deeper level than I have ever known Him before. And it begins through study, prayer, and ponder!

That is my challenge for you today: 
Reflect on these two questions. 
1. Do you love Christ with your whole heart, might, mind, and strength?
2. Do you know Christ well enough to truly know you love Him?

If you hesitate to say a strong affirming YES with no hesitation like I did today, spend time in the scriptures and understand His stories, let them live in heart and allow them to change you from your very core.

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