Monday, December 7, 2015

#ASaviorIsBorn - Day 7 - Christ Loves Me in Ways I Don't Love Myself

I just love that Christmas time is a time to reflect upon Christ and all the gifts that have
 come to this world in result of his birth. One of the greatest gifts Christ brought down with him was the gift of hope, peace, and an endless love that encompasses us daily when we allow it to. 

This morning when I woke up, I started pondering how to get to know myself perfectly. How to understand what I want to do for the rest of my life, what are the weaknesses I have that I should be focusing on first, and even as simple as what is the greatest talent God has blessed me with. While some are lucky to have the answers to these questions, I always thought I knew growing up, and then life started to pull me in another direction and I just wasn't sure anymore. I see it as a gift, it's a gift to have to explore who I really am because there is only one person who can fully help me learn and understand, and that is my Savior Jesus Christ.

Not only is it an opportunity to draw near unto Christ in this phase of soul searching I am in, but it is the only option I have if I really want to know myself perfectly. No amount of soul searching I could do on my own will ever give me all the answers I need. It was Christ that walked my path before I ever did. It was Christ that helped me to understand who I was when I lived in Heaven, and it is Christ that will help me to understand who I am now.

Sometimes I have moments of weakness where I can't seem to find any beauty within myself. I forget my worth, I forget my talents, I forget my strengths, I forget that Christ said I was worth dying for. It is only when I open my heart to Christ and allow him to take the needle and thread to mend my wounded heart that I start to see that beauty once again. Christ loves me for who I am and who I am not. He loves me in spite of my weaknesses, mistakes, sins, shortcomings, and sorrows. He loved me even when he knew every single mistake I would make coming to earth, and he still believed I was worth dying for. He believes that about you too, the love he has for you is immeasurable! Nothing on this earth is more fulfilling and joyful than the love our Savior has to offer. 

Lindsey Stirling released her #ASaviorIsBorn campaign music video today and her words hit this message right on the nail.

I know on the days I don't feel beautiful inside and out, Christ sees the beauty that I don't see. Christ loves me in ways I don't love myself. Christ delivers hope when it feels as if hope will never come again. He has the power to heal the broken, mend the sick, counsel the lame, and serve those that feel hopeless and worthless. Christ is my best friend and confident.

His love is real. 
His love is perfect. 
His love is honest. 
His love is unchangeable. 
His love is for YOU no matter what you
 have or have not done. 
Christ will never stop loving you.

Find a way to draw near unto Christ by the small and simple things such as prayer, reading scriptures for just five minutes a day, watching bible videos, listening to hymns, and serving someone outside of yourself. As you let Christ into your heart, I testify you will feel changed from the inside out. Your heart will grow, your happiness will expand, and your self esteem will be made stronger than you ever thought possible. 
I know this because Christ has on many occasions helped me see the beauty I couldn't see in myself. 

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