Thursday, December 3, 2015

#ASaviorIsBorn - Day 3 - Infinite Worth

It's Day 3 of Christmas!!!

Some days I am guilty of degrading myself and I hate when I do that, because I'm not only putting down who I am, I am forgetting that my self worth comes from the one who did the hardest thing any man has ever had to do.

On those days, I turn to these lyrics:

'I Am of Infinite Worth' 
  Joy Saunders Lundberg

All I need to do is remember
If ever I wonder if I am of worth,
Remember my Savior, what He did for me
When He lived among men on the earth. 
Pain and unspeakable sorrow
He bore for my sins there in Gethsemane.
Then He gave up His life as He hung on 
 the cross,
And He did it all for me.

For I am of worth, of infinite worth.
My Savior, Redeemer loves me.
Yes, I am of worth, of infinite worth,
I'll be all He wants me to be.
I will praise Him, I will serve Him,
I will grow in His love
And fulfill my divine destiny.

Lovingly Jesus is watching
He knows I am worth all He suffered for 
Now I must fulfill my own mission in life,
Ever following Him faithfully.
Line upon line I am striving
Not seeking the honor or praise of mankind.
I will reach for the joy of Celestial rewards,
'Til all that God offers is mine.

I once heard it said that even if you or I were the only person on the entire planet, the only person that would ever make a mistake, the only person that would ever need the atonement, Christ would still come down and go through the exact same pain He went through for that one person, that's how much He loves us individually.

The atonement is a very personal, and individual thing. Christ loves you so much and in this mortal life, we will never be able to comprehend or understand that love, but it is real. If you have ever felt forgiven, or experienced a mighty change of heart, you have had a taste of the love He has for you, but it goes even so much beyond that. 

"I know that [God] loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things" // 1 Nephi 11:17

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So my gift to Christ today is a simple prayer thanking Him for helping me to know and understand my infinite worth on the days I forget it. To pray with sincere and meaningful words of gratitude for His individual love and sacrifice for me. 

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