Wednesday, December 2, 2015

#ASaviorIsBorn - Day 2 - Heart of Prayer

Today on day 2, my second gift to my savior was deep heart prayer.

I can't imagine a life without prayer. I can't imagine not having Heavenly Father's help. Today I had a little break down. I realized some things I was still not giving up, some weaknesses I have that are holding me back. I prayed it all out and had a one on one with Heavenly Father and I literally felt my Savior pick me up after hours of crying. I don't feel this is a regular occurrence for me. It's only when I let go and give Him everything and do everything I possibly can do that I feel that sweet peace that Christ is always willing to give me. 

Christ's life and ultimate sacrifice make prayer possible, because without Christ, we would be cut off from Heavenly Father forever. It is only through grace that we can communicate with God and get the guidance that we need. I am so humbled and so grateful for prayer. When I give prayer everything I have and I remember that He really does love me and He wants to bless me, not punish me, I can feel that love. If you are having trouble feeling God's love, try reflecting on how you are viewing God's character and love. Do you have any inaccurate beliefs you are hanging onto? If so, it's okay to pray for those to be resolved as well. 

I wanted to leave you with a challenge and a question to ponder in your heart today. 


Pray in the name of Jesus Christ, because he is the advocate to Heavenly Father. Pray constantly throughout the day. Pray about every thought, every action, every decision you have to make. Pray before you send a text, tweet a thought, or speak to anyone. Pray when you're in the car, pray when you get out of bed, pray when you come home from a long day. Make absolutely everything you do, big or small based on prayer. 

Question to Ponder:

How often do you have a prayer in your heart?

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