Sunday, November 29, 2015

God is so Aware of Every Detail in Your Life

God's love is REAL!

So I have to be honest, sometimes I struggle feeling God's love in my life. I go through periods in my life where I am praying over, and over, and over again for something to happen, something to change, wanting so badly for my heart to stop aching and for miracles to come. And when these prayers aren't being answered for months and on a few occasions several years at a time, my heart starts to grow bitter and I feel as if I have been left out in the rain and there is no more room in the inn for me. I wonder why God loves everyone but me. 

I don't know if you've ever had these moments before, but I will testify they aren't coming from Heavenly Father or Jesus Christ, and they simply aren't true. Satan has a way of twisting truth, of blinding us from truth, or stopping us from even getting far enough to obtain truth. Please don't believe His lies. The truth is, even when I feel forgotten by Heavenly Father because He isn't answering the big prayers, there is purpose behind it. God knows me perfectly, He knows you perfectly. Those little things that you stress out about, the fears that creep in and blind you from God's love...they have so much power to rob you of peace, joy, and happiness. You have the power to chose to believe in His love.

This video makes me cry, every single time I watch it without hesitation. It's simple. But to me, it's powerful! God knows us perfectly, He loves us perfectly, and more individually than our human minds have power to comprehend. Look for God's hand in your life, in the simple things. Nothing is by coincidence, if you are experiencing a simple blessing or miracle in your life, know it is God's gift to you. 

Sometimes God can't answer the big prayers on our timing, but He does answer the little ones along the way! 

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