Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Spirit is One of Light and Truth

The Spirit is one of light and truth, and thank goodness for it! It is in the deep waters of light and truth that bring peace to our soul and clarity to our minds and it is clarity to our mind that allows our spirits to feel of the Spirit. 

I've been thinking a lot about how sometimes we can so easily feel of the Spirit, and sometimes we feel blocked off, even when we are doing all that is right. One possible answer could be that our spirit's actual home is in the mind, for it is the mind that is mentioned in the scriptures over and over again. Perhaps we sometimes allow negativity to enter our minds, things we think our true that aren't, things we think Heavenly Father is doing or saying to us, and yet they go against His very nature. When we allow all of these lies, insecurities, and fallacious thoughts to enter our mind, never taking the time to empty them, perhaps they start to crowd our spirit, blocking us from actually feeling the spirit. 

Perhaps light can only enter our minds, AFTER we clear out all the the things that simply aren't true. Truth is only truth if it brings us peace and hope. And Satan can't imitate peace, only the Spirit can bring that into our lives.

Lately, I've been believing a few things about myself that simply weren't true. Yet, I couldn't see any other way around the situation so I was believing they came from Heavenly Father. They sure didn't bring me peace, or make me happy but I excused these thoughts and beliefs as "trials I needed to go through" and "lessons I needed to learn". But that sure didn't fit, because God created us that we might have joy. And yet that simple statement made me a bit upset and bitter inside, because I sure didn't feel happy, not with all these lies weighing down and literally crushing my spirit.

Recently, I did some spring cleaning in my mind (can we call it that even though it's fall?). I stopped to evaluate all the thoughts I was believing and I found some help to recognize that these are lies coming from the adversary. God is one of hope and happiness, and even if you're facing a HUGE trial in life, His peace is still just a prayer away, unless misbeliefs or chemical imbalance from depression, etc. is crushing your spirit from feeling the truth.

It's important you take the time to evaluate if it is Christ or Satan that is making you feel and believe what you do? Sometimes it can be confusing, but if you don't feel happy or at least a bit of hope, chances are it's coming from the adversary.

Sometimes we feel the Spirit very strongly about a future event coming up, perhaps it doesn't always mean it's going to come to pass. Perhaps sometimes it's truth that it is possible and God has the potential and capability to make that happen, but just maybe He has another and even better way. Truth can still be truth, even if it doesn't happen the way you had expected or hoped it would. But it's still a marvelous gift to hang onto light and truth and let the spirit into your heart.

So what are you waiting for? 
Go do some Spring cleaning in your mind for yourself! 

Give your spirit some room to breathe, some room to feel, some room to recognize the light!

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