Friday, October 16, 2015

Be Still in the Trials and Earthquakes of Life

Life can be hard, can't it? Sometimes I have the hardest moments, moments where I can't even fathom what the Savior went through. Moments that make me feel like I am in my own Gethsemane, and I am just ONE person. These moments are so trying that I will sometimes find myself asking where Heavenly Father is and why do I have to go through such a moment?

When I find myself in these moments, I start to panic. 
These are the questions you will find racing through my mind...
Where is the Spirit? 
Why can't I feel it? 
Where is my peace? 
Where is deliverance? 
Why did you leave me alone?
Why am I so forgotten? 
Am I so beyond help from the atonement that Christ can't lift me in this moment?

What negative and anxiety creating questions, right? If I was the Spirit, I know I wouldn't want to be around Ashley when she starts panicking like that, no wonder peace isn't near to deliver me and put my heart at ease. I seriously do have anxiety though, so this is the hardest cycle and battle, but I'm getting better and better at it. So if you struggle with this too, guess what? THERE IS HOPE!!

The Spirit doesn't want to be around a fearful, anxious mind. Light and darkness can't dwell at the same time, one is going to win over the other. So if you need hope in your life, and peace in your heart the secret is to BE STILL! It's hard. It will take much time and practice, but you've got this.

Here are my 5 tips to having more peace in your life and having still moments when you need them most:

5 Tips to BE STILL to invite the Spirit

1. Listen to the hymn 'Be Still My Soul' 
Here is my favorite version for you here, it's by David Archuleta

2. Eliminate ALL distractionsloud music, TV, social media, texting, anything that won't invite the Spirit in with open and welcome arms.

3. Reflect & ponder - 
is there anything that could be refraining the Spirit from entering your heart:
Try to stop thinking of your fear and anxiety for just a moment so you can TRUST God!
Repent, is there anything big or small that you could at least start a repentance process on?

4. Invite the Spirit in - Read scriptures, read the ensign, listen to a conference talk, and study on the topic you think you are struggling with most.

5. PRAY and then turn to Moroni 7 - study that chapter like crazy!!! Evaluate every voice in your mind, all the messages you are getting and then ask yourself where they are coming from? Are they from Heavenly Father or Satan? Every good thing comes from Christ! All those negative voices causes you fear and panic, recognize they are from Satan, choose not to dwell on them and just press forward.

I realize this list sounds much easier said then done, but with everything in the gospel, it's all 'line upon line', and 'by small and simple things, great things come to pass'. Yes, it will take time, a great deal of practice, and it will even take and test your patience until you think you can't do it any longer, but His light will come. 

Christ never leaves your side - EVER!

I've had to learn this the hard time and I testify it's true. Invite God in and trust Him. You are never too far, too broken, too imperfect to receive His light and peace as long as you seek Him and take steps towards coming unto Christ.

He knows your name and He loves you! 

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