Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Woman I Wish To Become...

I was visiting another ward last week, I rarely get to hear testimonies of the elderly.
My heart was so full, as so many gracious and inspiring women in there 70's and older stood up to testify of the truth and wisdom they have learned and gained over their precious years.

These women were so graceful in their words, and full of wisdom in their hearts that I couldn't help but think of the woman I hope to become someday. 

So... I wrote a poem about it.

While pondering on women in their later years,
I consider the reflection I will see in future mirrors.
As I am growing in wisdom and learning from age,
I realize how often I take for granted this stage.

The years all seem to quickly pass by,
as the moments linger and scarcely satisfy.
How I desire to treasure my single years more,
for I am finding how quickly they really do soar.

I yearn to strive in being more diligent in humility,
and as the days pass, to always look for God's mercy.
I have a need for service to be written on my heart,
and this I know, that now is the time to make that start.

Faith is the foundation of character I want to possess,
and in this process, there are many lives I wish to bless.
A strong, devoted woman of courage I long to be,
trials that have created a softened heart for Christ to see.

Longing for spiritual beauty to show in my face,
and to fully recognize every drop of God's grace.
Wrinkles to show where all the smiles have occurred,
And to be a strong follower of His every single word. 

Possession of luxury, fame, and fortune I need not,
Beholding a generous spirit is how I want to be caught.
Living of His every word so faithful and true,
Always valiant and virtuous in all that I do. 

Looking to the future of my own posterity, 
An example I wish to set of familiarity.
A life full of praiseworthy quality we have thrived,
to the home of Heaven we have finally arrived.

Yes, this is the woman I wish to become,
For I will not waste another of my days young.

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