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Book Review // Blog Tour - A Thankful Heart

A Thankful Heart


About the Book:
Author: David A. Christensen
Released: 2015
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.
Genre: Spiritual/Inspirational

Book Sources:

My Rating: 5.0 stars

Book Description:


BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY to greater gratitude with this book of daily mini devotionals.


  • Connected to the people around you
  • Content with your present life
  • In tune with the Spirit's still, small voice
INSIGHTFUL AND INFORMATIVE, this book guides you through thirty-one days of increasing gratitude with quotes from church leaders, self-examination questions, scripture passages to ponder, and personal stories and experiences. 

My Thoughts:

This book is powerful. We have heard so many prophets and apostles say over and over that we need to grateful and express gratitude more frequently and opening. I have read countless textbooks, articles and essay's when I took a positive phycology class that proves you will live a happier and healthier life if you will just be grateful and recognize blessings daily. So once again, the church is ahead of the world. The gospel is here for our well-being and happiness in this life and the next.

So, back to the book. In the gospel, emphasis may be put on how important this book is, but where do we begin? In this book, David A. Christensen does an excellent job at leading us through 31 teachings on how to apply gratitude into our daily life. With So many great quotes, analogies to relate to YOU, scriptures, and even self-examinations, gratitude is sure to become a part of your daily life as it has in mine. 

The concepts in this book have become invaluable to me and made such a difference in my life. There are so many blessings around you, and after reading this book, your heart will be more open to God's love and grace that has always been there for you!

I strongly encourage you to pick up a copy of this book, it will bless your life and all those around you as you live these 31 teachings. You will be changed forever!

About the Author:

DAVID A. CHRISTENSEN // David A. Christensen's love for present-day prophets was sparked as a young returned missionary student at Brigham Young University when he took the religion class "Teachings of the Living Prophets." He has a testimony of listening to and seeking to follow those who are charged with helping us understand the Lord's will and direction in our lives. David has taught the same course, "Teachings of the Living Prophets," for over two decades at BYU-I. He sought to pass on that same testimony and love for the counsel given by living prophets to missionaries when he presided over the Chile Santiago North Mission, the Guatemala MTC, and in his service as stake president and bishop.
     He counts his eight children and growing number of grandchildren as his most important converts, and his best friend and wife, Deena Bond Christensen, his eternal companion.

I received a free copy of this book for review but all opinions and rating are my own.

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