Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fear Not: Christ is on your side

I was babysitting my cousin's children last night and these cute girls gave me the wonderful opportunity to see through the eyes of Heavenly Father for just a split second, which taught me an invaluable lesson. 

The older sister who is eight-years-old really wanted to watch "Muppets most wanted" however, the six-year-old sister did not. When the movie was put on, any sound or thought of the movie made this sweet six-year-old burst into tears. She was afraid that watching the movie, would result in her having nightmares. She couldn't even slightly be near the show or she would cry. She longed for her mom so deeply to bring her comfort and to kiss her goodnight. She felt scared and alone. 

I did the best I could to offer her comfort while letting her express her emotions. I knew it would be okay, I knew these fears she was facing were so real in her mind, but I also knew with all my heart she would be okay. As the evening went on, more events occurred leading to more fear in her heart, and more tears from her precious eyes. Even if she did face a scary nightmare from the show, she would still be okay. Why? Because of the love Heavenly Father has for His children, it's always going to be okay. He can see the end from the beginning and He knows no matter what, we will be okay. Christ overcame the world for that very reason.

I was able to take a look through the eyes of my Heavenly Father. Anytime I have fears, fears that don't make sense, He recognizes them and He sends help to calm my troubled heart. But He also knows that there is no need for me to fear, He can see it all. He knows what's going to happen, and He knows that no matter what, it will still be okay because He has made us a promise of eternal happiness and everlasting life as we look to and follow Him. 

There is no reason to fear as we put our faith in Him. I believe sweet little six-year-old, Eva Grace wanted her mom so badly because that is where she had learned to practice her faith. She has attached her faith of trust and protection in the hands of her mother. When her mom is around, her fears can be calmed and she can feel at home because that is where she has placed her faith at her young, sweet age. It's taken her lots of work and practice to even have faith in her mother, but she becomes more perfect each time she looks to her. 

We too have to practice our faith. We MUST place our faith in Him, the one who gave us life and knows all. I have moments where I feel so good at this, and other moments where I feel weak and I plea that He will once again forgive me for having a moment of weakness in fear. I know as I practice my faith in Christ, remembering He is the hope, the light, and the way, good things will come and He will lead the way. 

He knows I have no reason to fear, but He is patient, loving, and understanding anyways because His love as a Father is perfect. 

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