Thursday, August 20, 2015

Becoming Who You Have Always Been Destined To Be

"Becoming is an interesting process. It is what takes us from where we are to where we want to be."
- Emily Freeman

I want to become...

A selfless and humble wife.
A caring, patient, and constantly engaged mother.
An inspirational author.
A more devoted visiting teacher.
A better friend who takes the first initiative.
A more refined public speaker.
A better singer.
A more talented piano player.
More intelligent and perspicacious.
More humble.
More kind and charitable.
More converted.
A better disciple of Jesus Christ; following in His footsteps always, without any hesitation.


"Have you ever stopped to ponder what the Lord would make of your life if you allowed yourself to become His?" - Emily Freeman

Who do YOU want to become?  - (Take a moment and write your own list)

You can become anything your heart desires!

Usually we desire to BECOME because we want to reach the end result that will occur after we reach our goal. For me, I am happy and content in my life right now, but I believe I will BECOME more happy when I become a wife and a mother because I know that is my divine role and eternal purpose for eternity.

So BECOMING is the action and what we desire is the outcome or end result, but how exactly do we BECOME what we desire to be?

I went to the most incredible fireside a few months ago. We talked about how incredibly perfect our Heavenly Father and Savior are. Perfect architects, perfect writers, perfect, artists, perfect creators. We aren't just talking good and professional or winning awards for what they have created. We aren't talking about the Nobel Peace Prize, or Nobel Prize of Literature; no, what we are talking about exceeds far beyond what we could possibly comprehend because it is unattainable in this earthly life. They far surpass Michelangelo and Einstein.

We have been given many spiritual gifts, but our potential is unlimited. Hopefully and eventually we will do all that we can to become like Him, resulting in learning what we need to learn to have perfect knowledge and perfect ability to make choices so we too can be architects and authors such as He. Some more prominent than others!

Becoming is a process, sometimes it can feel like a very long and even hopeless process, but all things are possible for them that take Christ as their best friend. Learn of Him, walk with Him, seek Him, and think of Him often and everything that seems impossible can suddenly be possible.

If there is a spiritual gift you feel you haven't been given and it is one you desire to obtain, trust in it, seek it, pray for it, work towards it, and with the mercy of our loving Heavenly Father He will bless you and allow you to obtain these gifts, for you possess every attribute as God Himself, it's just not as developed as His... and that's where hard work, diligence, Christ like benevolence and meekness allow us to BECOME even as He. 

You are a child of God, with so much potential to become anything you desire to be. Let Him in your heart and help you to become like Christ, for I testify that is where true happiness is always found.

The more you act on these spiritual gifts, the more you will recognize them in yourself. You have the power to BECOME changed!

Spiritual gifts are a seed just waiting to be developed. 

They are a gift, just like receiving a violin. When you first are given the violin, you hold it, you have it in your hands, but you probably have no idea how to play it. You have to take lessons and learn and then you can create music. Becoming is a learning experience and it's a gift that has to be used for it to have purpose. That is like us when we receive spiritual gifts, we have to act on them, learn about them, and develop the talent before we can hear the music of our own spiritual gifts. Don't let your gifts go to waste! Use them to your greatest ability, develop as many as you can. Become His!

Scripture References for spiritual gifts: (Pick a few you want to develop)

- D+C 46
- Moroni 10
- 1 Corinthians 12

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