Thursday, August 13, 2015

50 Truths From a 20-Something Mormon

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With age, also comes some wisdom and experiences to learn truth. Heavenly Father provides me with many opportunities to learn. When He does, I can't help but write them down and share them.

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1. There is a simple answer to everything, it's just not always easy to act upon or believe.

2. Your gut always has the answer, trust your intuition!

3. Time doesn't matter...lessons do! God's timing matters though.

4. Satan is the author of confusion, if you feel confused then look up!

5. Happiness and peace are two different things. While the two may coexist, peace will always triumph.

6. You can lie to yourself or hide from the truth all you want, but only if you desire to be miserable.

7. Heavenly Father sends the most perfect people, at the most perfect time to support you and help you when you need it the most.

8. Self esteem will always be rooted in Christ no matter what the world may say or believe.

9. Your weaknesses are often shields of protection for your spirit.

10. God's timing will never, ever fail you!

11. Your journey is different from every other person on the planet, so don't you dare compare!

12. Satan may be a master at what he does, but there is no need to fear when you have God on your team.

13. As you try to do things on your own, you will stumble and fall. With each fall it becomes more and more painful. Just give it to Heavenly Father instead!

14. Heavenly Father can make beautiful out of any and every mess.

15. Every single time we say yes to one thing, we say no to something else. The yes's matter more than you may think.

16. Charity is the ONLY way you will ever come to fully know yourself.

17. When you live what you believe, you're inspiring those around you whether you're aware of it or not.

18. The more you dwell on a problem, the bigger the problem becomes until it paralyzes you. 

19. Your inner voice has to be your best friend or you will never be happy! 

20. No one in this world can determine your worth. Your worth has already been determined for you and it is infinite! 

21. You were born with an inner core, it's who you are! Confusion is a warning sign you're trying to change and go against it. 

22. Never, ever, ever change for another person. 

23. Never desire love from someone more than you desire to feel it from God. Never give love to someone more than God.

24. If a thought to do something the Savior would do enters your mind, ACT ON IT without hesitation. Even if you're not sure it's a prompting.

25. The peace that comes from the Savior will outweigh your greatest pain you experience in this life! 

26. Life is so much easier to handle when you put it in the hands of God. ❤️

27. I'm not quite sure why some are asked to carry heavier burdens than others, but I do know that there is purpose and good things to come.

28. The grass may look greener, but have you ever thought of what fake fertilizer was used to make it that way?

29. Once you know how much Christ loves you, you will never need to be accepted by any other person on the planet.

30. Our moments of fear give us an opportunity to spend more time with God.

31. Pain will NEVER be greater than the peace we can experience from His love. 

32. When people say mean things, it has NOTHING to do with you and everything to do with their inner demons. Don't let it bring you down!

33. A little bit of pain or sacrifice now can save you from greater pain in the future.

34. You have the ability to change the world just by being you.

35. Focusing too much on physical attraction is the result of trying to cover up something deeper.

36. Christ is the only way to hope.

37. Heavenly Father will provide the way for you to escape every temptation, don't let the voice of the world overtake it.

38. Looking to another person for approval is a tool satan has mastered to use as a distraction.

39. Christ didn't need to be accepted by everyone around him, and you don't either.

40. If what you're asked to do something hard right now by the voice of the Spirit, and it causes a little bit of fear, the peace you will feel after will have SO much power!

41. Much of the pain we go through in this life can be avoided by listening to God in the simplest of ways.

42. You have such a bright light within. If you find yourself unhappy, it just means you're allowing something to dim down or cover your light. 

43. It is in the moments we allow ourselves to be vulnerable that we find connections + hope in the healing process.

44. Faith is a muscle that needs to be strengthened daily for it to reach it's greatest capacity.

45. You can try to please man all you want, but you will never be satisfied or feel complete if you do.

46. Sometimes God will send you down a million wrong roads, so you'll know without a doubt when you're on the right road. 

47. God has ALL power! Although He allows us to struggle + make mistakes, He has the power to make ANYTHING happen. Trust Him! // Mosiah 4:9

48. You start to go backwards when you become so focused upon yourself.

49. You have something to offer, no matter what you may believe. 

50. EVERYONE is worthy of love. YOU are and so is the shy girl in the hall who would love a hug from you. 

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