Friday, July 31, 2015

You Decide & The Master Will Guide

I was thinking about my life today and the plain white canvas that laid before me. The plain nothingness of the canvas brought me feelings of fear and panic, yet I knew it beheld some incredible potential. But what? Why couldn't I see it? Touch it? Or feel with a perfect knowledge that it would turn out amazing? And even if I knew what it would look like in the end, what would I need to do this moment to create that beautiful picture it had the capability of possessing?

Remember those paint by the number kits as a child? I loved them. I loved painting as long I was told how to paint and what colors to use. Only then did I feel confident and comfortable in my art. But what this kit didn't do for me is teach me the principle of decision making.

As I seem to go through this process again and again, I have learned something about Heavenly Father. Everything that He teaches us and tests us with is something He is already an expert in. We already know He is perfect in all things, but have you really ever just stood there and pondered the qualities and attributes that He possesses? In my prayers I ask A LOT of questions. He doesn't mind, He rather me have lots to talk about with Him, then ask all these questions to all my friends and family and never Him. I'm learning that while I know without a doubt He holds all the answers, He doesn't give me all the answers. Why? Well, I believe the main reason is He wants me to become an excellent decision maker. One of the skills Heavenly Father possesses is being superb at making decisions. Sometimes He doesn't tell us everything we long to know because we have come to a point in our lives where He trusts us and He knows we are capable of making righteous choices for ourselves.

Sometimes you will find yourself on a path with two different trails to go down (or hundreds) and they could all be good, right choices for your path and I've learned that sometimes He want YOU to decide. While every single decision in our life matters, if our hearts are pointed towards Christ, we won't go too far off the path God has prepared for us. He will lead us and guide us.

You have a white canvas before your eyes. 
Start painting but hold the paintbrush 
loosely so the master can guide your lines. 

Even if you're lost in confusion with a bunch of unknowns, don't stop trusting God! You don't know what is right around the corner so just keep your eyes focused on Him as you make the very best decisions you can for your life and then He will guide. 

As long as we love God and we are living our lives to 
show Him this love, nothing will stop His plans for us. 
// Isaiah 14:27

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