Monday, July 27, 2015

Christ: It's Him I Choose to Serve

"No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon."
 - Matthew 6:24

This is one of the first scripture mastery verses I memorized in seminary. I remember my basic interpretation of it, to stay on God's side of the line and all would be well.

As I Young Single Adult, this scripture would periodically come back into my mind and remind me who I wanted to be serving, which would give me an opportunity to evaluate my choices in the overall big picture of things. 

Lately, I've been pondering on this scripture more and more. Satan speaks to me, like A LOT... and the thing is, I would be PERFECTLY okay without any attention from him. He's not one I would put on my list of guys I would like to impress. He distracts me a lot, reminding me of all my faults while the Savior so kindly whispers to me all of my strengths and all the hope that I should be hanging onto. The thing is, I can't hear both voices at the same time and I think I know what's in my way... I spend more time listening to satan about all that I'm not, all that I haven't accomplished yet, all the weaknesses that are limiting me... you know, all of the negative stuff that we each have.

And here's the thing, I've accomplished a lot in the eyes of my Savior, I do have a lot to offer, and I am enough because my worth is found in the Savior. 

Every time I listen to the negative... the voices of the adversary, I become a little bit weaker....

I become weaker in spirit.
Weaker in motivation to do more.
I become more selfish and a little more inwardly focused.
I become a little distracted and a lot worn out.

Listening to the adversary isn't helping me in ANY way. Listening is not making me any more humble. It's not giving me the hope or happiness that I search for. So why listen?

It's a fact, a STRONG fact that NO man can serve two masters. What ever voice the adversary is sending you, the voice to live as the world lives, the voice that you're not enough, or the voice that you can live today and repent tomorrow... it's not drawing you closer to Christ which means it's stealing away your happiness and your peace.

In every single moment of our lives, we have a choice. A choice to decide which voice we will listen to. It's not about the HUGE decisions like chastity and the word of wisdom, because if we are tuning our hearts to the voice of the Spirit moment by moment, those HUGE decisions won't even be the issue. We won't even be found in situations where those temptations would have power to weigh us down, if we are giving all that we can to the Savior EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF OUR LIVES! Does that sound like hard work? YES! DEFINITELY 100%!!! But worth it? MORE THAN WE CAN PROBABLY COMPREHEND!

It's about the little things... And there is a good, better, and best answer to each of them!

Music, media, where our time is spent, the moment to moment thoughts we are faced with, the service we choose to give, the character we act upon...and so many more little decisions we are faced with constantly.

I personally have found my testimony has an extremely strong need to be nurtured, I have to use the best option in each scenario and moment that comes my way or my heart already starts to point towards the voice of the adversary. I may have to guard my testimony more than the next person, but that's okay, it's worth it! It's so very worth it for my heart to hear the voice of the Savior. 

It's Him I choose to serve! 

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