Monday, May 4, 2015

Trials can be beautiful

Trials have been heavy on my mind lately. All day today when I heard about something heartbreaking, my heart felt for them so deeply, but inside I was sincerely rejoicing for them. Rejoicing for the fact that Heavenly Father sees potential within these people who are facing difficulties, rejoicing in the fact that they get the chance to become refined and a little bit better, rejoicing in the fact that Heavenly Father will be able to use them in a unique way either in this life or the next because of what they went through, and rejoicing in that fact that Heavenly Father's love for them is so apparent as He is allowing and customizing all of this curriculum specifically for them. Trials are a sign of love, faith, and an infinite perspective of potential the Lord sees in you! Aren't trials just beautiful???!!!

Now, before you think I've gone crazy or perhaps grown in-compassionate, I will tell you that I'm going to have moments where I won't always feel this in my heart. I had a really good glimpse into an eternal perspective today! It was beautiful and priceless. We as mortals, in earthly bodies are constantly subject to the natural man, which means our faith and thoughts aren't consistently going to see everything clearly, but every once in awhile as we seek through study and prayer the plan Heavenly Father has for us, we can see just a little bit of what He sees. While I truly believe trials are beautiful, and I'm slightly tempted to ask for more because I love the growth that results from it, I know in the moment I'm given one I'll doubt and second guess. I know I'll have moments of hesitation where I wonder what the purpose is or if this pain is truly what love feels like. This moment I am writing this is a blessed one, it's a moment where I can see clearly and my perspective is eternal and in this moment I want to bear my testimony on the power of trials, and the goodness that always comes as a result.

Challenge: Write down every single trial you have ever experienced. Anything that broke your heart or brought you to your knees. 

Then find a quiet time when you can thank Heavenly Father for every single one of them. You may be able to all at once, or it may take some time till you can sincerely thank Him for your most difficult ones. But peace can enter your heart as you thank Him for these most unique but most incredible blessings He has ever offered us. 

Are you surprised by all that you have been through and overcome? I was. I still think I'm working on my list as new ones keep coming to mind. How empowering to see what you've been through and the strength that is within you because of these experiences.

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