Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The secret to seeing daily tender mercies

Have you ever felt lonely or like you have been completely forgotten? That feeling where nothing is working out the way you expected it  and you find yourself seeking out Heavenly Father's help more than ever before? And even though you have this deep knowledge engraved inside of you that He loves you and cares so much about you, you can't help but wonder how much He cares or when it will stop feeling like you have been forgotten or when relief will come.

I can't help but believe everyone has had this feeling or one very similar to it in their life. It is painful and it hurts. It's one of the most painful feelings and it brings me to my knees and to tears every time I experience this very keen feeling wondering why Heavenly Father hast forsaken me. Remember, Christ asked that same question once and I know without a doubt my pain can't even slightly compare to the agony Christ felt in Gethsemane, taking on all the pains, sins, and sorrows of everyone in the world. And while Christ asked "My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?" Heavenly Father had actually not left His side, but He had to know how we would feel as mortals. 

Yesterday morning I woke up with this very sharp feeling of sadness that made getting out of bed extremely hard for me.  I remember specifically saying my morning prayers, kneeling at my bedside and I asked Heavenly Father to show me that He is in the details of my life. I knew that He cared but I needed a reminder. I went about my day, it was a hard one because emotions have this power to cloud your mind and take away all of your energy. That evening something happened that made me feel even more alone than I had felt earlier that day. I thought I knew what brought me happiness and I was expecting that to happen. When it didn't and I noticed I had been left behind, I felt a little betrayed and forgotten. Until a few moments later something worked out so miraculously that was even better than I had planned for myself. The plans I had wanted and started to create in my mind for myself didn't even seem nearly important as the plans that now laid before me. An opportunity to be an instrument in the Lord's hands stood right before my eyes and I soon started to forget all about myself and the emotions I had been feeling that day.

I then remembered my prayer earlier that morning, "Heavenly Father, PLEASE show me that you are in the details of my life." This answer to my prayer shone brighter than the sun. He has always been in the details, but this experience was something that proved I was not forgotten. He already knows exactly what you need before you ever ask for it. {3 Nephi 13:8} but we pray so we can have help in seeing that those are the blessings we needed. We pray to remind ourselves to always keep looking for the tender mercies. We pray so we can witness the miracles and blessings Heavenly Father is always giving us on a daily basis.

Sometimes in the rough moments, we forget that Heavenly Father always has a better way. We forget that He knows us better than we could ever know ourselves. We forget that His ways are amazing and His timing is perfect. Sometimes I find myself having to ask, "Dear Father, please remind what I may have forgotten." It's the little things we can't afford to forget. We can't afford to stop asking to see Heavenly Father's hand in our lives. We can't afford to forget that His love is infinite and doesn't only come in certain moments of our life, it is always there! We can't afford to stop looking and inviting that love in. He will lead us to incredible experiences and opportunities to be an instrument in His hand. He will show us through small and simple things that His love is ALL we need, if we would just but ask. 

What might you have forgotten or be overlooking to know that Heavenly Father is in every single detail of your life? If you can't see the blessings pouring over you, ask yourself - what simple principle have you forgotten to believe in this very day!!

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