Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tender mercies are not merely by coincidence

Tender Mercies come in the most unique and incredible ways. 
Not long ago, something was heavily weighing on my mind. 
I felt slightly dreary as I tried to make sense
of the thoughts and feelings I was experiencing.
I walked through the isles of Deseret Book,
searching for something, anything that could put my mind at ease.
A few books caught my eye, as I started glancing through them. 
Just then two ladies who knew each other but hadn't seen one another
 in awhile exclaimed with joy how good it was to 
randomly cross paths. 
As these books really had my full attention, I was standing close to them.
 I could overhear everything they were saying to one another.

One woman was complaining about a few things she felt were burdens in her life.
The other one offered a few words of wisdom and sympathy.
As I listened to their conversation, I just felt this overwhelming joy come over me.
At that moment, I didn't have one bit of doubt in my mind that Heavenly Father was aware of me and knew exactly how I felt.
 He longed to ease my mind, even if the thoughts I was having were slightly silly, they mattered to me and so I knew they mattered to Him.
Then I heard one of the women speak the exact thing I know Heavenly Father 
would have said to me.
They were words that most likely hadn't stood out to any other person in the store,
they were probably trifling words to oh, so many
but I can't even explain what those words did to my heart and soul that day.

It was the greatest experience to witness these two women non coincidentally crossing 
paths for just a moment to play the role Heavenly Father would have them
 play for each other,
and then for me as the innocent bystander became so blessed by
a conversation that wasn't directed at me, but Heavenly Father
allowed it to bless me.

Yes, I will forever count that moment as a tender mercy. 
I am blessed, oh so very blessed.
Heavenly Father is in every single detail of my life and of yours.
He loves you, He cares about you.
He longs to ease your weary heart no matter how silly or how extreme you feel
your trials or burdens may be at this time.

Let Him in!
Look for Him and His tender mercies in every moment,
because I can promise you with every piece of my heart, that 
Heavenly Father is in every detail of your life. You are His child. 
He longs for nothing more than for you to be happy in this life and for all
of eternity.

Write down your tender mercies and your testimony will grow,
you will start to see He has been there all along.


  1. This is so beautiful! Isn't it amazing how little moments like this can mean so much and help us so much with our testimonies??

  2. Yes, it's so true. These little glimpses that allow us to come to know our Heavenly Father and the love He has for each one of us seem to be the greatest faith builders. Little moments make pieced together make up the whole puzzle to sculpt our testimonies. :)

  3. What a beautiful experience. Than you so much for sharing it! It really is the little things that make life sweet and testify of God's love for us.


  4. Thank you for reading! And the beautiful thing is God's love is ALWAYS there for us!


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