Friday, January 2, 2015

Memories and Reflections from 2014

2014 was incredible. 
A lot of what happened in my life this year is so sacred and wouldn't be 
appropriate to write it all out here on the blog. 
But I can promise you that more stories are to come.

I LOVE sharing my stories and experiences with you, why?
Because it's obvious that I am not perfect. 
I have been through a lot of experiences and my favorite thing to do is
find people I can relate to. 

I love knowing that I go through stories and different situations for the benefit of others.
I want to be personable, relate-able, 
and I want others to think "because of you, I didn't give up."

Vague or not, here are some moments that I can share with you about 2014 ...

Best moment of 2014...
The best moment of 2014 for me happened in May. I did something that I hadn't in quite sometime. It was a moment in my life that I will never, ever forget. Nothing can replace that feeling that I felt or the happiness that I experienced. It was such an incredible milestone in my life that helped me to be where I was by the end of the year.

The hardest I laughed in 2014...
Oh goodness, I laughed A LOT this year! That's putting it lightly. I have to be honest, I remember sharing some personal and dating stories with my sister and we can laugh about them for hours. I remember laughing so hard I was crying at one point, and that rarely happens. I don't know what I would do without my sister. She is the greatest and I love that she is always willing to listen and laugh at my crazy stories. 

Most embarrassing moment of 2014...
I met with my stake president this year and I was crossing my legs the entire time. I have the worst circulation ever, I swear. I go to stand up and I can't feel my foot. It was way past the tingling phase. (I like to call it "sprinkles") It was so numb I couldn't  feel it, I couldn't move it, nothing! So I couldn't even seem to stand on it and I kind of just wobble out of his office. Who knows what he was thinking because I walked in there just fine. That was one experience I still laugh at myself about.

I'll share another embarrassing moment with you because I really LOVE my readers... 
I was on a date, it was kinda like a blind date and we go to one of my favorite restaurants ever. There are umbrella's by the door that we were near as we were waiting for our turn to be seated. The guy picks up one of these umbrella's, he pops it open and it puts it over my head. Now I want you to picture this with me. It's crowded, I mean CROWDED. There were two hostesses seating people, there isn't even room to stand in this big open space. So here he is holding this umbrella over my head as two girls walk out of the ladies room, I'd say they were about thirteen years old. Very loudly my date says "please move, the princess needs her space. Please don't get near her." I'm sure my face is bright red after this moment, everyone just starts starring at us. Keep in mind, I had met this guy maybe 15 minutes earlier. I get this guy was trying to be nice, but dear guys, please remember there are better ways. That's not the end though, it gets worse. We finally get taken to our seats and as the waiter is taking our order, my date turns to the waiter and says "Is she not the most beautiful girl you have ever seen?" The waiter looked speechless and didn't know what to say. My date then proceeds, tell her that, go on give her a compliment. This guy does not have a quite voice, I notice a few heads start turning. I'm turning bright red once again just dying. The entire night he kept starting conversations with our waiter that in my opinion were very bold. That was a long night, a very long night.

A day in 2014 you'd live over and over...
The day I competed in the Day's of '47 Pageant back in April was INCREDIBLE! Competing in that pageant and even taking home the title meant the world to me. I've always wanted to be a role model to others in the most incredible way. That day I was so nervous and stressed. Behind stage I was pacing back and forth, all the girls kept checking on me asking if I was okay. I was praying and pleading in a new way than I had before. I truly believed that Christ was going to be out on that stage with me. I prayed that I could remember what I had rehearsed, I prayed that I could say the words He wanted me to say. I prayed for strength, for acceptance in His will, and for grace. I remember saying this prayer back stage before going on for the first phase of competition where I would talk about one of my ancestors that I look up to so dearly. I remember feeling something I had never felt before. I honestly felt like I knew her, I felt like she was right beside me, I felt like I wasn't giving everything I needed to the Lord after learning all that she had gave up and sacrificed. It was because of her that I was where I needed to be where. I wouldn't be me and I wouldn't get to compete on the conference center stage that day if she hadn't have had the integrity to keep pressing forward on the path that she was on, even after losing several children. I always remember feeling Christ carrying me, everything was so stressed about didn't matter. The words Heavenly Father wanted said just flowed out of my mouth in a natural way. After that day was over, I knew without a doubt that this was His will for me. 

Favorite song of 2014...
My favorite song that came out this year was by Colbie Caillat 'Try', so absolutely perfect for what I try to teach girls every day.

The song that helped me tons this year is by a christian band called 'Group 1 Crew', found here.

The playlist that I relied on most this year was this one. Every song seemed to lift me up from what I was going through, I just one day stumbled upon it, not by coincidence either.

Best movie of 2014...
I have to say "Into the Woods" even though it just barely made it into 2014. While I'm so angry about how a few scenes played out and I want to know what on earth was going through the minds of a few characters, that was one powerful movie that had my attention the entire time. There are so many lessons that can be learned from this movie. All the lyrics, all the lines, all the characters made up the perfect film that so many morals can be created. I'm working on analyzing this film so I will get back to you, stay posted!

Biggest lesson learned this year...
Heavenly Father is ALWAYS there no matter what. He is always preparing you to receive the revelation He has for you. Some will be big disclosures that was far from your mind and you would least expect and other times He will share small amounts of info that will help you with the course you are already on. But you HAVE to keep that line of communication open at all times by praying constantly and by living righteously because revelation is a privilege. Prayer was the greatest bl

Favorite holiday memory of 2014...
Easter Sunday in church was the greatest holiday of the year. I remember so much of it like it was yesterday. Kim Hansen and Paula Camp were the sacrament speakers at church. They shared thoughts on the Savior and thoughts on the sacrament that put the life of Jesus Christ in a completely new perspective for me. That was one sacrament meeting where I couldn't stop crying, I had come to know Jesus Christ in a way I had never known Him before. My love and testimony for the atonement grew so strongly that day.

Best thing you did for someone else in 2014...
Because I don't know how others rate the acts of kindness that I do, I can only go off of feelings that I felt and carry with me. I do believe that we often help people in ways that we will never be aware of or ever be able to understand so I can't share those moments with you. So I will share the two that come to mind. 

1. At the beginning of this year I was having a really rough day. I prayed, asking Heavenly Father where to go and what to do to overcome these feelings. A name immediately popped into my mind; Leeila Manwill, my adopt-a-grandma back when I was in the Young Women's program. I hadn't seen her for at least 7 years. I got up and went to the store to get flowers to take over to her. We sat, laughed and talked for at least an hour. We had so much to catch up on with each other. God needed me to serve her that day and it made me forget about every sorrow I was facing. 

2. I was sitting in church one day and looked back to see a girl sitting alone. I motioned to her to come sit by. She got up and sat right next to me. The second she sat down my eyes filled with tears. I had never felt Heavenly Father's love so strongly as I did in that moment. I knew Heavenly Father was proud of me for listening to the spirit and looking out for others, but I don't think that's why I was crying. I knew without a shadow of a doubt in my mind that Heavenly Father loved this girl, he loved her so much. She was a gem and a ruby in her eyes, God wanted me to know this. The love He had for her out poured in the spirit I felt with her next to me. God loves all of his children no matter who they are. This girl is now very dear to me and is often on my mind because of that experience that day.

When I'm seeking the love for Heavenly Father, I feel it so much clearer when I am serving others than ever when I am focused on myself. 

Best conversation you had in 2014...
I remember asking a few people the same question. It was a question I was obsessed with at the beginning of the year and I loved each of their responses. The responses I received always seemed to be given at the perfect moment I was open to learning more.

A dear friend and I were able to have tons of super powerful, life changing conversations this year. The impact this friend had on me through the responses that were given was just what I needed to be shaped into the girl I am this very moment. The more we talked, the more we opened up and the more impact this person had on my heart.

Best piece of advice you received in 2014...
My dad is a great advice giver. I try and keep our lines of communication open because I love talking with him. He kept telling me over and over again this year to stop looking for what I was looking for. If I live my life right and turn my heart to God, everything I need will be led into my life. I'm learning just how true this is!


  1. Your dad sounds like my dad. Which doesn't actually surprise me much. ;) I like this format of reflections, perhaps I will do something similar on my blog or in my journal.

  2. I love that song Try.... seriously so inspiring!!


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