Friday, January 30, 2015

Think the best of each other

Do you ever have those days where you are trying your absolute hardest and it feels so right and so perfect to you that you can't see how any other way could possibly be right? I've felt that a lot lately as much as I hate to admit. Sometimes the thought crosses my mind "Well I'm right, so there is no way you could possibly be right as well." But then the other thought crosses my mind, going back to THIS people pleasing post..."Oh, well if they're right, I guess I'm wrong and I have to change the way I see things or do things." 

I've experienced this in a few different situations lately. Sometimes I forget that my way may not be perfect, and that others see things and do things differently and that's okay. We all have different backgrounds, different beliefs, different ideas, and different knowledge... because let's face it, we're different! And we were born different for a reason. But what if while we all think our way is the absolute greatest way in the world, we accepted the way others are doing things? What if others are doing the absolute best way they know how?

Sometimes I tend to forget that others are giving everything they have...

Sometimes I take things personally, but what if they were loving and giving the best way they knew how and I took it the wrong way because I could only see my way and how I would approach the situation?

Sometimes I wonder if others were paying attention in the meeting or in the class because their thoughts and ideas aren't the same as mine, but what if they just understood it differently than I did?

Sometimes it's easy to see that other's testimonies are different, but what if faith comes easier to some than others and they are giving every single thing they have to offer into their faith?

Sometimes I feel that other's have a lot more luck or opportunity than I do, but what if they struggle in areas of life that come easy to me? Or what if they have different missions to fulfill and different lessons to learn?

We each have been given different lives, different personalities, different attributes and features, different strengths, and talents, and flaws. We are not the same and we should never strive to be the same.

So what if we all just assumed all of the time that every person is doing the best they know how to do? How would relationships be better if we were more patient or understanding, recognizing that we understood things differently from one another but we are giving it everything we have to offer.

Faith is believing in people, 
because who are we to judge? 

Who are we to assume we are doing everything perfectly and other's are not?

What if we took the time to appreciate everything that others are doing? What if we stopped focusing on the things we feel are missing?

What if we all came to acceptance that while there is always room for improvement, none of us our perfect and together along this journey we are doing the absolute best that we know how.

Everyone has their own way to love, their own way to give, their own way to believe and understand. Let's be more patient, more kind, and more tolerant for those who aren't doing things "OUR way".

Elder Holland said it best! 

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