Wednesday, January 7, 2015

8 Ways to make a difference in your parents lives

1. Write them a letter thanking them for the simple things they never get thanked for.

2. Leave uplifting compliments around for them to find.

3. Serve them! What do they need or what would speak to their heart?

4. Take them to lunch! Spend quality time with them. Care about what they care about.

5. When they ask questions or show concern, thank them! Do you know how many individuals long to have parents that show they care? Respect their questions and tell them the whole truth, they deserve it.

6. Practice patience. Parents aren't perfect. They didn't get a manual of how to raise you when you came along. But I do know they did the best they could. Be patient with where they are at and with what they do.

7. Be the example. If there is something you wish your parents were doing that they aren't this time in their life, be the example for them. Their watching you and you have the power to change their heart and have incredible influence on them.

8. LOVE them! Tell them you love them often. Show them you love them. Text it, tweet it, share it for the world to see. But just make sure they never have to question the love you have for them!


I believe we all have different roles to play at different times in our lives. 
An experience happened that made me realize how 
important my role is of being a daughter.
I love my parents more than anything. 
They are such kind hearted individuals who love me to the moon and back.
I can feel it. I've witnessed it. They show it by their questions and concerns.

The role that I play as a daughter is vital.
What if you were sent to your parents for a purpose?
What if we stopped expecting that our parents were only here to teach us?
Instead what if Heavenly Father designed this life in way where the children should be doing more teaching than the parents?
Just imagine with me for a moment,
that your role as a daughter or son is more influential on them, than their role is on you.

I believe the example you set as a son or daughter has an indescribable influence 
that is unspoken of but is always there.
The role you play of speaking words of encouragement and giving compliments has greater
impact than can ever been seen with the eye.
Being a daughter or son is so simple but something 
.that has such deep and incredible power.

Stop for a moment and think about everything your parents have done for you! 
Whether you feel they did an incredible job or you blame them for the problems in your life now, they have given you a gift. A gift of life. A gift of knowledge. A gift of experience.

I'm not the perfect daughter, but my heart longs to be.
I don't say the words "I love you" enough.
I'm not patient 100% of the time, but I'm aware of what needs to be done to fix it.
I don't serve enough. I don't give enough. 

The letters I have written and the acts of kindness I have performed on occasions
display the deepest evidence to me that my role as a daughter has an 
impact, possibly the GREATEST impact on their life.

Parents tend to create their thoughts, their worries, and their burdens 
based upon their children.
The role you can play is so extremely important!
Whether you realize this or not, your parents look up to you.
Their greatest pride and joy comes from the events that happen in your life.
What are you doing to show how much you love them and how much you care?
Just maybe you were meant to play a bigger role in their life than they did in yours!

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