Thursday, January 22, 2015

5 Reasons Why You Should Love Twitter

I'm on twitter a lot, maybe you could call it an addiction. I don't know, but if so I would call it a healthy one because twitter is my outlet. It's my place to share thoughts and send positive messages out into the world. 

Here's 5 reasons why I love twitter and why maybe you should too:

1. Twitter makes you think 

Every situation I go through, I try to create an inspirational thought or lesson I learned from the experience and I tweet it. This is a great way for me to have an outlet, it's kinda like free therapy in a weird way. It's also the perfect way to keep track of all the amazing things I learn, while inspiring me to think out of my box throughout the day. On top of that, I've found many things I have tweeted out have impacted others as well. I'm constantly trying to make a simple lesson out of everything that happens in my life. It's fun, it's rewarding, and I love the opportunity it gives me to think optimistically about every situation. If I'm struggling, I'll tweet the positive side of what I'm facing and it's a great reminder to me that it's not as bad as I sometimes make it to be.

2. Twitter allows you to make incredible connections 

I have made so many friends on twitter who inspire me daily. Some I have had the incredible opportunity to meet, and there are still so many I have yet to have an in-person conversation with. To be honest, as weird as it may sound, my life has been impacted and changed by a few of these people. The right people have been sent into my life at the right time and shared their stories at exactly the right moment I needed them! It's so fun to find those connections that can help me in my personal life as well as connections for opportunities for upcoming project collaborations.

I have a dear friend who has the same mission and vision in life that I do. We love catching up on each other's lives as we have only met twice. It's like we have been friends forever though, and we provide each other with encouragement and help all the time. It's such a blessing!

3. Twitter is a place to spread your message {#ShareGoodness} 

Twitter gives me a space to create a positive environment in my own little cyber world. You can literally inspire the world through your simple but empowering messages of goodness. Your impact could be huge, but you will never know if you never try. I have seen some pretty amazing experiences and opportunities come my way because I was sharing goodness. There is so much negativity and wickedness around the world. It's amazing what a little goodness and light through a message can do for individuals. 

I also love sharing my spiritual thoughts and inspirations on my blog, and Twitter helps me get my thoughts and posts out for more to see. I love spreading positive messages because you never know if someone needs the words you are willing to share, the moment you share them! 

4. Twitter helps you gain better writing skills (really in all communication)

I have found that because I'm writing so often throughout the day, I've really found myself thinking before I'm typing. My grammar has improved tons and I'm more aware of how I write all because of simple tweets. The more you practice something and do it frequently, it becomes a part of you and you become an expert in the field. I'm no where close to an expert but reading and typing messages provides me incredible amounts of opportunities to practice. Usually you write how you speak, so Twitter has also helped me in speaking my ideas as well as expressing my thoughts. The more I tweet, the stronger I feel I am at communication. 

5. Twitter allows you to become an expert at getting your point across  

Tweeting makes you think, with only 140 characters to express your thoughts with, you start to become an expert in getting your point across. Sometimes I have big ideas or stories to share and I have to reevaluate my wording to make it fit. For me this is essential because journalism is my major. It's a great way to learn how to make things short, concise, and to the point while to instantly capture the readers attention.

I'm very aware that many don't like twitter. They haven't found their need for it. However, I'm so grateful for Twitter. I realize how silly this sounds, but Twitter has had a huge impact and positive light on my life, and for that I am full of gratitude. I am grateful for every follower I have. I am grateful for the girls that message me for help and advice. I'm grateful for the constant encouragement I receive.

To any girl (really anyone for that matter!!!) that ever feels alone, lost, broken, lonely, or just needs a friend, never hesitate to direct message me. I love offering my advice and wisdom that I have gained over many life experiences. If you're going through something or just want to talk - reach out! I want to empower girls with strong self-esteem and confidence daily and I have found Twitter to be the perfect way I can do just that!


  1. You're the greatest! I believe we met through Twitter!! :)


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