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10 things Mary Kay and Missionary Work have in common

After being a Mary Kay consultant for 5 years and going to meeting after meeting, I learned a lot! Mary Kay has many great lessons and ideas that have really impacted my life. While I no longer sale Mary Kay, I wanted to compare what I learned in this company and apply it to what matters in my life RIGHT NOW! Missionary work is on my mind all the time, so I thought this would be a fun post. This post applies to both full time missionary work as well as every day member missionaries. 

Missionary work is one of the greatest blessings we have, yes I just said blessings. It's hard work, but it is so rewarding!!! Pray for opportunities and then start putting these ideas to work!

10 lessons I learned from Mary Kay that apply to missionary work

1. Go for the no's - talk to everyone

Mary Kay - There is this book called "Go for the no" that my directors had me read. It's a great book!! In Mary Kay, recruiting people to join your team is all a number's game. In Mary Kay, you are encourage to talk to everyone you see, everywhere you go! You never know who needs the Mary Kay opportunity in their life. You don't know who hates their job or needs an opportunity to make new money. The goal is to establish new relationships with the cute girl in line at the grocery store. You can't prejudge either. You don't have a clue what the other person is thinking or if they would be willing to come get a facial or host a party for you. The goal is to just talk.

Missionary Work - Missionary work is a number's game too. While I'm still learning about missionary work and I have a far way to go, it doesn't sit well with me that we are teaching others to count baptisms or to see how much success we can have. I personally don't believe missionary work is about success, I don't believe conversions are the main event of missionary work. While missionary work can fit in perfectly with being a number's game, I don't think it should be. Go for the no's - not just because of statistics and if you get this many no's that you will get this many yes's. To me that doesn't feel right! But go for the no's so you have the ambition to talk to EVERYONE you see. Go for the no's so you aren't prejudging because you have no clue who needs the gospel in their life. You have no idea how broken someone might be and how much they have been praying for the message you have to offer them. I personally believe that missionary work is about the people and the love they need in their life - NOT about the numbers and the statistics that prove to be true. {Just my two-cents for what it's worth}

2. Establish deeper relationships

Mary Kay - In Mary Kay, you're so busy with your three priorities, the principles that the company was built upon {God first, family second, and career third} and sometimes this can be the only thing you live for and focus on. To be honest, this was probably the thing I disliked the most about being a consultant. I LOVED the idea of having a business where you put God first and making money came last, however I disliked that they encourage Mary Kay to be your driven force in all things. I found myself calling friends to plead with them to hold a party just so I could reach a goal. Thank goodness I had such supportive friends and they were so willing, but I often found myself feeling so guilty that perhaps they felt used. Ever since I have stepped down from being a consultant, that is the one thing that allows me to just feel free, when I call up a friend, I'm not calling them JUST so I can reach a goal and make more money, I'm calling them so we can strengthen our friendship. I'm calling them so we can get together and catch up.

Missionary Work - So it is with missionary work. If missionary work is your goal right now and you have great intentions to invite others to come unto Christ so they can find that peace and happiness that is in your life - be sure that isn't your ONLY focus. What if they aren't interested right now? What if this isn't the time for them to join or come back to church, can you accept that? Do you have enough faith to trust that Heavenly Father sees your efforts and it's not about you, but about them? Are you going to stop being their friend after you find out they aren't interested, or will you love them and serve them anyways? No matter who the person is or what they believe in, they NEED friends, we all need friends! Don't make others feel like they were just a "project" or that they were doing you a favor. Make them feel as if they are so important you will love them to the moon and back no matter what the end result is. This leads to the next point. :)

3. Imagine everyone is wearing a sign that says 'make me feel important'

Mary Kay - Mary Kay Ash, the founder of the company and recognized as one of the most outstanding business women was an expert at people building. It was a passion of hers to make others feel good about themselves. She loved you no matter who you were or what your background was. She would always say "Imagine everyone has a sign around their neck that says 'make me feel important'." She was an expert at writing thank you notes, giving prizes, recognizing others for their hard work, and just loving them. When you were in the presence of Mary Kay Ash, you would undoubtedly leave her space feeling better about yourself, with an extra spring in your step. People mattered to her more than anything. Everyone secretly wants to feel like they matter, no matter who they are! We all want love and attention. Her focus in her business was the people!

Missionary Work - When trying to bring others to Christ, isn't the first thing they need is the ability to feel of God's love. The greatest way this is going to happen is through YOU! You have the greatest power inside of you because you know how real God's love is! Once His love gets inside of you, you can't hide it! The light of Christ begins to shine forth and everyone in your presence will begin to see it and feel it. Lift others up! Lift their burdens, love them! It is through the simple acts of love and kindness and just noticing others that they will feel of your love for them and right through that they will recognize the love their Heavenly Father has for them. When you make others feel important, you automatically are bringing others unto Christ.

4. Always look your best

Mary Kay - I was always taught to dress professional in Mary Kay. The company has a motto, "dress for the position you want, not the position you have." Something about dressing up makes me feel successful and I am inspired to work harder. People are attracted to people that look like they care about their selves  This has nothing to do with beauty, glamour or being conceited - this has to do with hygiene and confidence. 

Missionary Work - I believe this can be applied to missionary work too. whether full time or as a member missionary, you are an ambassador of the Lord. It's important that we represent the church in the best light. When others see you, you want them to earn your trust. Looking your best will help those you meet to be able to listen to your message because of the great first impression you have made. Dressing up may not just be for the investigators, when you're dressed nicely you tend to have ambitions of working harder. It's also respect to the Lord, you're doing His work and you love Him, what a great way to show humility.

"Appropriate dress and grooming will help you earn respect and trust. Your appearance is often the first message others receive, and it should support what you say. Always strive to present a professional, dignified, clean, and well-groomed appearance. Never allow your appearance or your behavior to draw attention away from your message or your calling." - Found HERE

5. Have materials ready to hand out at ALL times!

Mary Kay - You are strongly encouraged to have a mobile office in your car so materials can be accessed at all times. Think about it, you are out meeting so many new people on a daily basis, you never know what materials you might need and you will want to sign up and be on your team right there on the spot.

Missionary WorkStart keeping Books of Mormon, pass along cards, and reading materials with you or at least in your car. Carry a small Book of Mormon wherever you go. You never know when you'll be prompted to talk to someone. Heavenly Father loves preparation, and when you show you are prepared that is when He will bless your efforts and you will see miracles happen. Show Heavenly Father you are willing to serve Him and when you put in this effort, He will recognize it and you will be blessed.

6. Don't ever give up, don't ever loose hope

Mary Kay - Mary Kay Ash would always say "Never give up, because you never know if the next try is going to be the one that works." Another one was "The moment you're ready to quit is usually the moment the miracle happens." Sometimes it would get frustrating putting in so much work, so much effort, and having success at the forefront of your mind at all times and then not seeing anything. But isn't patience a virtue? Mary Kay taught me a principle that blessed me life in many, many areas - this principle is tenacity and endurance. My directors encouraged me and pushed me past what I ever thought I was capable of doing. This hope gave me a purpose and a reason to get out of bed each morning.

Missionary Work - Missionary work is based off of faith, yes? Let me hear a big astounding YES! There will be days or weeks where you are praying for opportunities at missionary work. You will be working hard and doing everything that you can to show God that you are willing and ready and sometimes you will see it immediately and other times you won't. But you can't stop believing, you just CAN'T. When the going gets tough and the signs start to fade away and you are left with no proof that what you are doing is making any difference - that is an opportunity to put your faith to the test, will you pass? Always keep going and never give up, it's worth it!

7. You are planting seeds

Mary Kay - I was always taught in Mary Kay that they have to hear the marketing plan over and over, again and again until they really decide to do it. It's rare that someone would sign up for Mary Kay right there on the spot. But each time you share the Mary Kay opportunity, you are planting a seed and one day when the timing is right for them, they may decide to join and it's because you were planting the seeds. A huge beautiful garden of flowers doesn't just happen instantly, it's usually one seed at a time that makes a beautiful bed of roses. One thought, one marketing event, one party, one product, one interview later and all those seeds then turn into a recruit. In Mary Kay, this can also be referred to as layers.

Missionary Work - Missionary work has many layers too. First the person you are trying to befriend may or may not already be a member of the church, so it's possible they have felt the spirit before and that would be a seed. Often in missionary work, many seeds have to be planted before a conversion happens. Sometimes these can be small seeds and sometimes they have to be huge seeds. Depending on the individual, some people need more time, more water, more sunlight, more tender care than others before they are willing to come back or join the church. Being a friend is a seed, sharing your testimony is a seed, talking about church is a seed, inviting them to an activity is a seed, teaching them to pray is a seed. Sometimes you will see the miracles of these seeds right away and sometimes you have to patiently wait and one day the miracle will happen. The focus should be on the seeds, not on the result because you have no idea where their heart is and what Heavenly Father has in store. It's NEVER about the numbers, it's about wanting others to feel the peace and happiness you have in your life because of the gospel.

8. Maybe she needs me poem {OR he}

Mary Kay - In Mary Kay, this poem "Maybe She Needs Me" was shared with me and I fell in love with it. We have the knowledge of the gospel, something that can bring so much hope and happiness into another persons life. The point of this poem is to once again teach that we shouldn't prejudge because we have no idea who's life we could change by the career opportunity that we have to offer.

Missionary Work - There are SO many individuals out there who are going through life broken. Many people are searching and praying for something more, you don't know who needs the message that you have to offer, so why not offer it to everyone? It can often be selfish NOT to share! Why not get rid of you fear, put your trust in the Lord and open your mouth because who knows if you just might be the answer to somebody's prayer!

9. Mental bath only for full time

Mary Kay - Mary Kay directors STRONGLY encourage you take a daily "mental bath" to get you to the successful destination you are striving for. 

This stands for...

B - Bookings (the goal is two bookings a day - a facial, a party, or an interview)
A - Affirmations & Attitude
T - Training (30 minutes of Mary Kay inspiration and education)
H- Hotline (reporting to your director the results of your day)

Missionary Work - How do we apply this to missionary work?

B - Bookings

It is a goal of a full-time missionary to keep bookings on their schedule often so they always have someone to teach. The more they make this happen in a day, the better.

For those that are not full-time missionaries, this can be done by being actively involved in missionary work in other way. Create bookings by going out with the missionaries or by making an effort to visit someone on a daily basis. Apply this one how you see fit!

A - Affirmations and Attitude

When I think of affirmations for a missionary, I'm thinking of D&C section 4, or saying the missionary purpose aloud. Even the Young Women's theme could be applied here! 

Attitude is essential for a missionary. You have to be happy and humble if you want any results. Heavenly Father cares about your attitude so much and it is your attitude that will take you to success and happiness. Also, attitude is contagious. When you're happy and the light of Christ radiates, others are going to want what you have!

T- Training

So many ways to apply this - scripture study, conference talks, spiritual music, gospel books, Preach my Gospel. There are SO many resources for to learn more about the gospel and all of these resources will help you stay in tune with the spirit.

H - Hotline 

The most important way we can relate the hotline to missionary work is PRAYER! It is essential that we call up Heavenly Father often, asking Him for opportunities, blessings, thanking Him and even just keeping the connection open to receive revelation that will be helpful to us.

We could also relate this to reporting to mission presidents, zone leaders, bishops, or even friends that are holding you accountable.

10. Tracking, planning, and scheduling 

Mary Kay - It is essential that you plan and track every detail if you want your Mary Kay business to grow. If you don't know the numbers and the results, how will you know if you are succeeding or not? How will you know what's working and what needs to be adjusted? You have to write down the results so you can see where your going and what direction your headed. Planning is just as essential. When you plan out your day (every single hour) you get things done, that's just how it works because you know things will be off if you mess it up.

Missionary Work - In preach my gospel, planning and scheduling is strongly emphasized. Planning holds you accountable. You have to plan out your schedule and you also have to plan out your lessons and what you want to teach and when. Planning helps you to set goals, if you don't have a goal you're not going to get anywhere. Heavenly Father loves when you set goals and He feeds opportunities to you when He knows what you're trying to accomplish. 

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