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12 Gifts to the Savior (12 days of Christmas)

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I've seen this video about 10 times and each time I watch it, I'm touched in a different way. I think of how Jesus Christ has touched my heart and blessed my life. It's amazing how many different ways my life has been blessed because of him. Because my Savior Jesus Christ is the gift, the ultimate gift and he has given me everything I will ever want or need, I wanted to give my him something in return. 

What do you give to the one who has everything? What do you give to someone you can't possibly ever repay for all He has given you? I don't have the answer because it's a lifetime full of improvement, love and abiding by all of his commandments and teachings. That perfection will not be achieved in this lifetime, but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop trying. I want to be as prepared as possible for when Christ comes again. So my idea is to spend each of the 12 days we have left until Christmas doing something that will show my unconditional love and gratitude to him. 

Make the 12 days of Christmas devoted to Jesus Christ.
 Create your own rules and adapt any of these gifts to fit your personal life!

1. (Dec. 14th) - A Mighty Change of Heart 

Create a list of attributes that you would like to work on improving or attaining. Create a detailed plan of exactly what you need to change and how you plan to incorporate these attributes in your daily routine. 

What will you need to change? 
What challenges could you possibly face as you try to apply these Christ-like attributes? What will you do when one of these challenges arises? 
What would stop you from being able to hold true to the commitment you have made?

The reason I am asking you to answer such detailed questions is because every time I try to apply a goal or new attributes into my life, I get stuck. I start living my daily routine or handling situations in a way I am used to and then I find myself back to my habitual ways. You will need to plan if you want to change. Habits and changes don't just happen, they have to be planned for. You have to mold these new attributes into what you're used to and planning is the only way it will work. Plan, plan, plan! 

What changes do you need to make to have A Mighty Change of Heart?

2. (Dec. 15th) - Reflection

How has your life been touched by Christ? Reflect on the role Christ has played on your life and journal it out. How has Christ been a part of your life through grace, through his example, through his atonement, through the hope and comfort he has to offer? If you didn't know Christ, how might your life be different? Journal your heart out and you may find answers to questions you didn't even know you had! Writing and reflecting can lead to very spiritual moments.

How has Christ changed your life?

3. (Dec. 16th) - Scriptures: Power of the Word

Find a scripture that speaks to your heart before you start your day! Allow this scripture abide in your heart all day. Try to look for an opportunity to speak of this scripture to others in your daily conversations. Apply this scripture in your daily thoughts and daily routine! If possible memorize this scripture!

How often do the scriptures abide in your heart?

4. (Dec. 17th) - Heart of Prayer

Pray in the name of Jesus Christ, because he is the advocate to Heavenly Father. Pray constantly throughout the day. Pray about every thought, every action, every decision you have to make. Pray before you send a text, tweet a thought, or speak to anyone. Pray when you're in the car, pray when you get out of bed, pray when you come home from a long day. Make absolutely everything you do, big or small to be based upon prayer. 

How often do you have a prayer in your heart?

5. (Dec. 18th) - Sacrifice

What is something that you have been hanging onto that you now need to give up? 
Is there a habit you're hanging onto? 
A selfish desire? 
A fear? 
What would be a challenge for you to give up, but once you do it would bring greater peace and joy into your life?

that is the thing you should be giving up! Sacrifice that today and don't look back! Watch the blessings come flood into your life!

What are you hanging onto that can be sacrificed?

6. (Dec. 19th) - Gratitude 

Give gratitude in all that you do. Send out at least 10 gratitude notes. Thank everyone in sight, such as the grocery store clerk, a janitor in the hallway, the mail carrier, the bank teller. Give as much gratitude as you possibly can. Spend a long time on your knees giving sincere gratitude to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for all the good they have brought into your life. Thank them for the incredible blessings that have been bestowed upon you.

Who can you give gratitude to today?

7. (Dec. 20th) - A Written Testimony of Jesus Christ

Write out your testimony of Jesus Christ. Allow this testimony to abide in your heart all day long. Put it in a special place for your posterity to maybe read one day. If you're not married, save it for your future husband and children to read one day. If you want to go the extra mile, write your testimony of Jesus Christ in a Book of Mormon and give it to someone today!

What is your testimony of Jesus Christ?

8. (Dec. 21st) - Kindness

Jesus Christ is the most humble and charitable individual to ever step foot on this Earth. He loved and continues to love every individual. Because he was the perfect example and we should have the desire to emulate him, this day choose to allow your heart to be focused on everyone else. Have the desire to loose yourself and just love others. Try to forget about what your needs are or how you are feeling this day. Make it a day to give kindness in the most outpouring ways possible. 

Kindness starts with thoughts of others that are up-worthy and appraising. Do absolutely everything you can to control your thoughts and not have one ill thought of another individual. Choose to lift your mind higher and see others as Christ sees them. Do everything you can to share the love Heavenly Father has for each and every one of His sons and daughters.

How can you show kindness?

9. (Dec. 22nd) - Christ Devoted Thoughts

Try to make every single thought that you have to be based on Jesus Christ. I am going to put pictures of Christ in my car. I will add to the 10 pictures of Christ I already have in my room. I will put a picture of Christ in my wallet. Every choice I have to make, I will reflect and ponder about what Christ would do in my situation. 

Sister Hinckley once said she doesn't spend enough time thinking about the Savior, well if that was true, don't we all have some room for improvement?

How often is Christ in your thoughts?

10. (Dec. 23rd) - Share my Testimony with an Individual

Find someone to share your testimony of Jesus Christ with. Whether this be a non-member, someone who is inactive or even an active member, allow your heart to be guided by the spirit to know exactly who you should share it with.

When was the last time you shared your testimony of the Savior?

11. (Dec. 24th) - Give my Talents and Gifts

Your gifts and talents were given to you not for your own benefit, but to be used to bless and strengthen the lives of others. Make this day a day to devote everything that you have to offer, to bless others that need your talents to be shared with them. Pray to be guided by the spirit to know exactly who needs you and what specific gifts and talents you can share.

Spend some time strengthening and fine tuning your gifts and talents so they can be used in bigger ways the next time.

If this day is busy for you, spend some time planning and preparing more than you ever have before so you can be prepared and ready and it will fit with your schedule. You have time for what you make time for.

What talents and gifts can you give to others?

12. (Dec. 25th) - Spend an Hour studying stories and Teachings of Jesus Christ

Christmas is a day when you will most likely be spending lots my time with your family. Choose to make this day a day where you remember the reason of the season. Prepare to keep the purpose of the celebration in your heart by waking up an hour earlier than your family to prepare your mind for the spirit of Jesus Christ to abide in your heart all day long. Spend this hour reading the Christmas story in the scriptures and reading stories and teachings about his life so you won't get distracted by the gifts and the glitter and you will remember the true meaning of Christmas.

This would also be the perfect family activity. Before opening any stockings or presents, spend some time reading the scriptures and focusing your heart on Jesus Christ so your mind is in the right mindset for such a beautiful and special day. 

How do you prepare your heart and mind to remember that #Heisthegift?


  1. I love this, I'm going to try and do this!

  2. Awesome! Let me know if you make any changes to it! :)

  3. This is amazing. First time i have seen this video. Brought a tear to my eye

  4. It's a powerful clip, huh? It's so great we can remember the reason for the season!

  5. Oh yes it is! It was great and touching. And I loved that it brought a year to my eye.


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