Monday, December 1, 2014

7 Ways to Make a Difference on Facebook

1. Like a post that has a positive message

The more likes a post has, the more it will be seen by others as the highest liked posts rise to the top. If it's a good post, be sure to like it so it can rise, influencing more people! Your like really makes a difference in the way Facebook organizes posts.

2. Use pictures

 Facebook is very heavily based on images. If you have something important to say and want to make sure it is seen, always add an image! Images rise to the top of Facebook, that's why images always get more likes than just words.

3. Wish every friend a happy birthday on their day

If you're going to be friends with a person on Facebook, say "Happy Birthday"! In my personal opinion, if you don't feel comfortable saying happy birthday, should you really be friends with them? It could mean the world to someone when you take two seconds out of your day to wish them a happy birthday. Others just want to know that they crossed your mind on their special day.

4. Write kind notes on others walls

Remember when writing on the walls of others used to be a thing? Yeah? Well let's make that come back! Instead of just these silly comics or links to the latest celebrity news that seems to be all that gets shared, what if we used Facebook to inspire and build others instead? Receiving a note on your Facebook wall feels like you're receiving a beautifully wrapped gift that can be read over and over again. Make others feel important!

5. Share Goodness 

You don't have to use the #sharegoodness to do this (although that won't hurt). But write things that are uplifting and positive on your wall. Your words could change someones day or even life. What you put on social media is a representation of yourself. Sharing Goodness can start to become a part of who you are if you allow it to!

6. Leave a comment on others posts and pictures

 Facebook can be very time consuming and has many negative connotations attached as well, why not make your goal to use Facebook for a good cause. Use social media with a purpose, make your only goal and purpose for using it to build others. Be a people builder, especially on Facebook! 

7. Send a message

If a post someone wrote touched your heart and you don't want to comment, send them a message! I can't tell you how many messages I have received thanking me for what I posted, and it never gets old. The more I know I'm helping others - the more I am compelled to keep sharing the inspiration that I have to offer. Everyone likes a positive and uplifting message in their inbox.


  1. I always do the birthday one. Because everyone deserves a happy birthday wish!

  2. Absolutely! I love that you do this! #inspired ;-)

  3. These are such beautiful ideas, Ashley. I love them. Social media can be used in such an empowering way if we focus on giving and uplifting!

  4. It's so true! Thanks for stopping by! I know together we can't make social media a powerful source of enlightenment & positivity!


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