Monday, October 6, 2014

The 50 lessons I learned this last week

This past week has been a whirlwind! I Literally have experienced every single, possible feeling and emotion within the last 7 days. The hardest weeks are the ones that you learn and grow the most. They are the most rewarding in the long run. If you ever feel like you are completely being challenged, take heart because Heavenly Father sees incredible potential within you! 

50 things I have learned within the last 7 days:

1. If God is asking you to give up your dollar store pearls, let go with faith so He can give you saltwater pearls instead. 

{This thought came from THIS album. God LOVES teaching me this lesson over and over!}

2. It's good to have questions, never feel inadequate by asking. A desire to know more is already knowledge in itself.

3. Faith isn't a perfect knowledge of things. {Alma 32:21} It's faith for a reason, the bigger the leap of faith, the more you will be blessed for it. 

4. Words that are from the spirit will come spilling at of your mouth when you least expect it.

5. God will show you over and over, reasons why you should trust him. Your eyes have to be open to see it.

6. Sometimes God will be silent for a short period of time because that's how He will get your attention when He has something HUGE he needs to tell you.

7. God puts people in your life for a reason. We go through experiences so we can help other people that will come along our path. Your eyes have to be open to what others can teach you and sometimes it's not what you expect at first. There are those few, special occasions where you don't realize the impact someone has on your life until you look through every single moment and then become aware of just how essential their role was.

8. Sometimes you don't know what you're looking for till it comes knocking on your door and then you begin to feel you could never live without it.

9. Faith grows the strongest when the desire is there. You may feel as if your faith in no where to be seen, but that's the beauty of it. The desire is working within you so deeply that the FAITH is there!

10. It's okay to ask for help. No one can ALWAYS be strong on their own. The strongest people are the ones that have the courage to reach out for help.

11. God never gives you what you want, he gives you what you need! Sometimes what you want is what you need and sometimes you have no idea what you really want but God does. God would never ask you to sacrifice something without a purpose. 

12. Love can enter your life when you least expect it. 

13. You are wanted and supported by SO many people in your life, don't push them away.

14. You don't have to always say yes. Say no to bring peace to your life when you don't feel it is right.

15. It's important to listen to Heavenly Father when he tells you something. Even if it's the last thing you want to hear. He has your best interest at heart.

16. Twitter has the power to change your life!

17. God has the strongest ability to change your heart. Allow your heart to be open to change.

18. If Heavenly Father sheltered you from the pain, you would forever remain the same.

19. Respecting and honoring worthy priesthood holders not only blesses them, it blesses YOU too!  

20. Faith is beautiful and amazing. If you don't have it,  just having a desire to have it is ENOUGH!

21. Good guys are far and few in between but they DO exist, so never settle!

22. To have a humble and open heart, start your day by doing something completely selfless and not about you!

23. Don't hold back, lay out everything you have to offer and people can choose to take it or leave it. More than not they will take it and it will break all barriers that were holding you back.

24. God has a perfect plan for your life. Trust Him!

25. Your life can change in a blink of an eye. But God is watching over you and He won't let you fall. His hand is in everything all the time. The test comes when you can't see or feel it for a small amount of time.

26. God knows everything so you don't have to.

27. You are always better than you think you are! Always.

28. Always act on a prompting, even if it makes absolutely no sense. In fact, you may not see anything at all come from it but you WILL have his peace and love in your life and that alone makes it worth it.

29. Rainstorms come so rainbows can be enjoyed. Blessings come from the storms. And while it's raining, why not dance...or kiss in it!

30. We are given trials because this life is a test. Embrace when they come along. God recognizes it's time for you to be stretched again.

31. Heavenly Father knows your name, your favorite color, what makes you smile, and even your favorite season. So often He will speak to you with the simple little things that you hold dear to your heart.

32. Your best friend is probably far greater than they have ever received credit for.

33. Tender mercies are all around you, Heavenly Father is in every detail of your life and He is never leaving!

34. Writing down experiences will become the most valuable thing in your life. It will reconfirm what God tells you. Satan wants you to forget words and experiences that have value. After writing, pray to confirm that what you have written is truth.

35. You are never, ever, ever alone - no matter how lost you feel.

36. No person is above temptation, that's why the Armor of God is so important.

37. While you can't control when or how your prayers get answered, He will send you the most simple but most glorious things to let you know He hears you!

38. Heartbreak can bring you closer or farther away from God. It's always YOUR choice!  

39. Exercise has importance AND God will never tell you to do something without a PURPOSE! 

{I've been on an exercise routine for the past 4 months. A couple weeks ago, I felt like my life was just too overwhelming and I wanted to quit. I received an extreme impression that I couldn't give up. - Then the AHA moment came from conference "Take responsibility for your own physical well-being. Decide today to begin a regular, long-term exercise program suited to your abilities, combined with a healthier diet." - Elder Klebingat.}

40. Giving up what you want for what God wants is what brings that complete ULTIMATE happiness  and peace in your life.

41. Your past doesn't define you, it can refine you if you allow it to! When you repent, it's more than being clean. You become fresh and completely renewed through the process. Your past is no longer apart of you.

42. Focusing on YOUR wants, YOUR desires, and YOUR will, will often only hinder you. This is the simplest but most profound way that Satan can work on you. Which is why humility is SO important! Get outside of yourself, put your thoughts on hold. Learn to focus on others to bring contentment into your own life.

43.. A simple smile can be the answer to a prayer someone needs.

44. Being brave and saying what you feel can change things in the most POWERFUL way!

45. You can't get close to the line Heavenly Father has set for us. The risk is too high.

46. The scriptures contain the answer to every question you need answered.

47. You have the ability to be loved for everything you are and are not.

48. To develop a stronger relationship with God and Christ - you must write down 4 things:
     #1 - Questions you have for Him. What are your trials?
     #2 - Answers that you received about the questions. He wants to see your listening.
     #3 - Tender mercies, look for Him in every area of your life and acknowledge that these                                         moments are precious and tender to you.
    #4 - Things to repent for. What daily thoughts, mistakes and unkind words did you do or say today? Make a resolve to fix them.

49. Moments of fear are building blocks for foundations of faith.

50.  If you pray for humility, don't be shocked when that prayer is answered immediately. That is the quickest prayer He answers. #LessonLearned 

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