Monday, September 1, 2014

Modesty Refashion - A reflection from a 16 year old girl

Today we have Rebekah Sadok here with us talking about Modesty Refashion.
Rebekah is 16 years old and is the laurel class president. She is from Portland, Oregon.  

 To show respect to my body and invite the spirit, I choose to dress modestly.  One of my motto's that I truly believe is "modest is hottest".  I know a girl who chooses to respect her body is respected by others.  Finding appropriate clothing that is not too revealing is challenging to say the least, which is why I often turn to my sewing machine for help.  Surely I am no expert seamstress, but by using the basic knowledge that I have, I'm able to take clothing I see potential in and redesign it to be fashion friendly.

I love creating modest articles of clothing that would've been rare finding otherwise. Taking already made clothes and just altering it for your standards is much easier than making an entire garment by yourself.  Altering something is more simple than you may think.  In the past, I have completed some great modesty refashions. I have cut and sewn a pair jeans into shorts to give me the perfect length. I have added length to fashionable skirts and dresses I felt I couldn't dare part with.

Recently I've found a love in thrift shopping. I enjoy finding treasure pieces and mixing old clothes I own with newer pieces. One day I came upon a floral maxi dress with short sleeves but it was very large and dated.  I saw it as the perfect canvas for something new. I had been dying to be a part of the floral skater dress trend so I was very intrigued. I went home and began pinning. I started by hemming it to the perfect knee length and taking it in on the sides. It was a constant on and off the body challenge being that I was the model, but it was totally worth it when I it was completed.  I felt super confident and comfortable wearing it to church that following Sunday. Returning to the thrift store I found another maxi dress and skirt I plan to alter to fit my size and standards. I know that you don't have to compromise your style for modesty and I'm glad to understand these principles at such a young age. 




  1. I love this post. I've seen so many articles lately about parents who are outraged that their daughters were punished for dress code violations at school. These dress code violations have consisted of too-short skirts, too-short shorts or strapless tops. I don't understand the parents who are upset that a school is asking that girls dress modestly. I agree completely - modest is hottest!

  2. Ashley, thank you so much for sharing your insight. Modesty is a beautiful thing and I love when schools encourage it because then the focus can be school work and there becomes less distractions. Thanks for reading. :) XO


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