Thursday, September 4, 2014


Today we have beautiful Kimberly to share a challenge with you!

Beauty is something that's talked about frequently, but what is it exactly? I'm sure we have all heard that the world defines beauty as a set of physical requirements one must meet. For example, to be "beautiful" one should be: skinny, but not TOO skinny, tall, but not TOO tall, etc. etc. Then again, we have all heard the opposite definition that beauty comes from within and that what makes someone beautiful is their personality. I happen to disagree with both definitions. Why? Well, I believe that beauty is a feeling, an emotion. I believe that in order for a woman to be beautiful, she must FEEL that she is beautiful. You can tell a woman that you think she's beautiful a million times and she won't believe you until she sees herself as such. Sad, but true.

A few years ago, I received a Canon rebel XTi (AKA one of those "fancy" digital cameras) for my birthday. For a while I did not know what I wanted to take pictures of. I grew up in a family of professional photographers that each found their niche. I started off by taking photos of landscapes, flowers, and even just capturing memories at family parties and events. Last year, I had a friend approach me about wanting me to take some pictures of her for a fun "photo-shoot". She knew I had a nice camera so she wanted to try and see if she could use nicer pictures for her Instagram and other social media accounts. So, I agreed and decided to expand my hobby and try to see if portraits would be my niche. We picked out a random location to use as the backdrop and I just started snapping and clicking away. It was a lot of fun and both of us enjoyed it. I emailed the pictures to her later on that night and she told me she couldn't believe how pretty she looked. To be honest, I don't really like to do intense editing outside of fixing the brightness, shadows, and exposures of the photos I take. It made me really happy to know that she saw she was pretty in the pictures. So, that's basically what I've been trying to do, which is make girls see for themselves that they really are beautiful daughters of God. Once they start seeing that, they start feeling it more and more which shows on their countenance and makes them even more beautiful. Also, I think showing someone that they're beautiful is a lot better than telling them. Knowing that I help girls, even for a moment, see themselves as beautiful is enough for me.

A few weeks ago, I noticed on Facebook how women were posting pictures that they felt beautiful in. I decided to take that challenge over to Twitter and it was SUPER successful! Girls were posting pictures of themselves using the hashtag "#BeYOUtifulChallenge". I will not take credit for the idea, but I sure do endorse it a ton. Posting the pictures may not have given someone an automatic, 100% self-esteem boost but it did give them time to reflect and notice the beauty they hold. And that's what I think beauty is.

If a woman has to wear makeup and put on pretty clothes to see that she's beautiful, let them be. And if a woman feels beautiful without all of those things, let them be. All that matters is that they feel beautiful and see it for themselves. That's what Heavenly Father wants. Society does not give a great example on how we should see beauty so it is up to a few of us to rise to the challenge and see ourselves as beautiful. I challenge you all to try and see for yourselves. See the divinity in you. Wear your crowns proudly, you beautiful princesses! Stay beautiful, ladies.

(Metaphorically Crowned)

I took the challenge - Here are three pictures that I feel beautiful in. 

Don't forget to try the challenge out for yourselves! :)

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  1. This is great! Check out a challenge one of my friends is doing on her mission: Join and invite friends!


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