Friday, August 22, 2014

Your Inner Voice

I want to write about something extremely heavy on my heart today. I would even dare say it's very possible it's my greatest weakness. What is it? It's being "too nice" and "people pleasing" instead of listening to my own inner voice.

My definition of inner voice:  The voice that is your inner coach, constantly urging you to do the right things and believe the right things. It's the voice that is always trying to guide you and help you believe what your spirit already knows. It's the voice that wants to help you believe you are worth it, that you matter. 

This inner voice can sometimes be loud and other times it will be quiet, in fact sometimes it can be so quiet that you can become confused and start to believe that your inner voice doesn't even exist when put in a certain situation.  It's possible you may even feel you have two inner voices, this is never the case.

Now let me explain something. Yes, two things can be right! Yes, you can have two opinions. But from my experience, there is always one thing you believe more than the other. There is always one thing that is a better choice for you than the other.

I PROMISE you that your inner voice is ALWAYS there! If you feel confused, conflicted, hurt or any other negative emotion, this is a sign you NEED to listen to your inner voice to help guide you to where you need to be.

Your inner voice and personal intuition are different but have the same intentions and purpose. This purpose is to protect YOU and to protect YOUR SPIRIT.

Why am I talking about this today? Because I am a people pleaser. 
Hello, my name is Ashley and I have an addiction to making other people happy! This sounds like a great strength, right? WRONG! It has sometimes led me to not stay true to my heart and my core beliefs only so I could appease those around me I cared about.

I was recently put in a situation where I did something that I full-heartedly believed in. It had been on my mind FOREVER and I even prayed about it. I did it with the guidance of the spirit in my heart. Turns out a few days later opposition came my way critiquing this very thing. I didn't understand why opposition would try to attack something that I felt no one should be against. My heart hurt as I started listening to the differing opinions of others on this issue. I started to question myself and wonder if what I had just done wasn't right and if I should change my mind or my beliefs again. I didn't want contention in my life and wanted to appease others. After feeling such strong emotions of hurt and confusion, I realized I couldn't do this on my own and so I prayed. My inner voice came shining through confirming exactly what I believe in.

This isn't a story about whether I am right or wrong in this particular situation. This is a story about staying true to what my inner voice confirmed personally for me to be right. This is a scenario I was once again tempted to "people please" others around me giving in to all that I believed in. Thankfully this time I caught myself, which led to inner peace. This is a story of personal growth. This is a lesson of humility, God was able to teach me how you can still love those around you but you don't always have to agree with what they say. YES, stand up and let your voice be heard, but don't argue over it or make them think no one could be right but you. 

In this situation I also learned that two people can be right but their beliefs may not be right for the other person. It's possible someone grew up different from you, raised with different values or perspectives on life and that's all they know. Or it's possible the knowledge they do have mixed with the personal experiences they have been through has shaped their heart  to perceive things completely different from you and that's okay.

The moral of this post is always trust your inner voice, don't let others persuade you from your beliefs just so you can make them happy. Don't put the happiness of yourself in the hands of others either. You know who you are, you know what you believe in, stand firm in it and don't ever give in just to avoid someone not approving of you. You weren't sent here to earn the approval of the world, you were sent here to be a servant of Jesus Christ!


  1. Loved reading this =) and that is a truly beautiful photo ;-)

  2. My friend Katie and I like to call this #moreguts. And we already chatted about how you have neurons in your heart and stomach - trusting your gut, listening to that voice - in my experience, is always worth it. My gut + that inner voice are the smartest resource I know. I love this post and I love even more that you put it in context of not people pleasing because that is definitely one of my weaknesses.

  3. Thank you so much! You're so kind!! :)

  4. #moreguts - I like it! :) What beautiful insight, so true - it really is the best resource for you. Sometimes I want to look to others to tell me what to do but my inner voice will always have the answer for me. And I'm glad I'm not alone on the whole people pleasing thing! We can encourage one another to overcome it.

  5. Thank you for sharing this. I struggle with this also. I make a decision that I feel to be right but as soon as I start hearing others opinions I start second guessing it. But I need to trust myself more and trust that I can feel the spirit and receive revelation for myself!

  6. It's such a hard thing to overcome, but I'm finding the more I listen to my inner voice the more I have the ability to stay even stronger next time. It's all a work in progress. Thank you so much for your comment, it always is wonderful to find a friend who is similar so you can help one another and you don't feel so alone.


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