Tuesday, August 5, 2014

High School & College Success: An interview with Kayla Hollatz

In honor of the beginning of a new school year just around the corner, the rest of this week will be features from very successful students to inspire you to do well in school! The power is in YOU to become successful and we are tapping into some very smart students to find out how they do it.

I had the honor of interviewing Kayla Hollatz. She is a senior studying Public Relations at Minnesota State University, Mankato. She currently works as the Senior Communications Specialist of her university's IT department and is the Public Relations Manager of ThinkSEM, an online marketing startup. She is also the creative blogger behind her newly rebranded blog.

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1. Where does your ambition come from to do well in school?

Part of my ambition comes from how I grew up. My parents were frequently involved in my academics and I learned early on how important it was to strive for success in school. I've always been determined and spent much of my time in high school studying and taking college level courses. This allowed me to be in the position I am in right now, which is graduating a semester early despite transferring universities and changing my major. Without my ambition, I wouldn't be where I am today. 

2. How do you stay dedicated?

I think my dedication comes from thinking about the future. I like having many career options and without dedication, it just doesn't happen. I'm a forward thinker so I'm always thinking about what's coming next. If that means sacrificing some time now to make way for a fruitful future, I am willing to do it.  

3. What's your best homework & studying advice?

Quickly learn what kind of homework or studying environment is best for you. If I could pick any way to study, it would be to have music on and study with friends, but my brain doesn't retain information that way. I have to sacrifice those potential distractions so I can stay focused on the task at hand. 

4. What times of day did you find you worked best?

I've realized that I work best right after class in the early afternoon. That way, I don't put off my work and make it more of a chore than it needs to be. For creative writing specifically, I work best late at night, but I don't do it out of procrastination. I like to get my work done early so I can use the night to relax and do the things I am most passionate about like poetry, singing, and blogging.

5. What was your biggest struggle to get through school?

The balance between school, homework, working, and trying to still have a social life was difficult for me. To be honest, it still is. I haven't found the perfect formula yet, but I think it differs for every person. I'm still trying to discover mine. 

6. If you could tell girls anything to help them do better in school, what advice would you give them?

Don't compare your academic journey to anyone else's. I wish I would have focused more on my personal growth rather than comparing my study habits and grades to other people around me. Do your best and be proud of what you can do. Celebrate your high grades and learn from your low test scores. Don't be too hard on yourself. You are well on your way to success!


  1. Thanks again for featuring me! It was awesome to have the chance to share my insight on academic success.

  2. It was so wonderful having you! You shared so incredible tips & advice. I am truly inspired and will be more motivated going back in the Fall. :)

  3. Kayla is simply wonderful. Great choice for an interview :)


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