Friday, August 8, 2014

High School success - An interview with Marisa Combs

Marisa Combs graduated from high school this past May. She will be attending Franklin College this fall to study Special education and minor in Spanish to be a Special Ed. teacher and a Spanish teacher.

1. Where does your ambition come from to do well in school?

My ambition to do well in school comes mostly from my parents, they are both teachers. My parents motivate me, as they are excellent role models. They are very ambitious people and they both have taught me how to be ambitious. I live in a town where not very many people who graduate from high school, go on to college. My ambition comes from them, they show me how not to be. They show me that I don't want to be living off of my parents for the rest of my life. Because of them, I strive to be ambitious and to use that ambition to be successful in school and work my butt off.

Also what motivates me to do well is that I know if I work hard now; that work will pay off in the long run. With my hard work, I will be more successful and not be living in my parents basement.

2. How do you stay dedicated?

I stay dedicated by making small goals for myself. For example, if I do really bad normally on tests, I make a goal for myself to get a B on the next test. I also stay dedicated by studying a little each night. I rewrite my notes constantly, maybe 3 or 4 times. I add information, remove information, etc. It helps me to stay on top of my studying.

I am really good at staying dedicated to things, so in general I do stay dedicated to my studies. Sometimes I do get off track and get really lazy, but I keep telling myself that staying dedicated will pay off in my future.

3. What is your best homework and studying advice?

My best homework and studying advice is to do your HOMEwork AT HOME. Trust me. You have more time and silence to actually think to get your homework and studying done. Also notes are a lifesaver. Write them constantly. Like I mentioned before, it helps you memorize the material so much better and keeps you actually doing something while you are studying and not just sitting there staring at the book.
My other piece of advice is to PUT THE PHONE DOWN. Yes. I sounded like your mother. I am guilty of being on my phone instead of doing my homework. You will get too distracted and not go back to studying or doing your homework and just give up and do it the next morning. Don’t put yourself in that pickle. You think you have time but you actually end up having zero time. Karma is great at doing that.

4. What times of day did you find you worked best?
I find that I work best during school hours, because I am already in that mindset and already focused. When I have a free period, I go to school library and study. I also focus better in the evening after dinner. Because my house is the quietest at that time. My family is pretty loud, so that time is my favorite time to study at home, because I can actually get something done.
5. What was your biggest struggle to get through school?
My biggest struggle to get through school is that I am worried that I stay “too dedicated” and get really tired of studying and keeping up with everything. There are times that honestly, I don’t give a hoot about school. I get really really lazy and procrastinate.

6. If you could tell girls anything to help them do better in school, what advice would you give them?
If I could tell girls anything to help them do better in school, it would be to study, study, study. Also have fun while you are in school. High school, college etc. Be dedicated, but not too dedicated, because you get so wrapped up in school that you have zero fun. Also I would tell them even when the teacher says “Don't write this down” ,do! If it seems important always write it, because most likely, it will show up on a quiz, test, assignment, etc. and you will forget about it, then you'll be mad at yourself for not writing it down. Trust me.

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